Cracker The Genuine Lapland Cream

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Lapland, an evocative, enchanting and magical name that echoes our childhood memories...

Find the iconic The Genuine Lapland Cream products in this Scandinavian decorated cracker.

The ideal gift to offer as a Secret Santa or to slip under the tree. Cocooning and comforting moments guaranteed!


This cracker contains:

Cream for Face and Sensitive Areas Lapland 20ml
Lapland Hand Cream 25ml
Lip Balm 10ml

  • made in France


  • 20ml + 25ml + 10ml
20ml + 25ml + 10ml

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Find the iconic The Genuine Lapland Cream products in this kit!

concentrated nutrition and softness

a real cocooning moment

suitable for the delicate skin of the whole family

For the face and sensitive areas: inspired by the traditional beauty recipes of Lappish women, The Genuine Lapland Cream offers a concentrate of nutrition and softness to the skin of the whole family. Its balm texture melts on contact with the skin for a real cocooning moment. 95% of ingredients of natural origin.

For the hands: the Cream Hands The Genuine Lapland Cream preserves the beauty and the comfort of the hands and wraps them of softness by forming an invisible and protective "glove". Its ultra-soft, fine and unctuous cream texture is instantly absorbed and leaves no greasy film. The hands are repaired and visibly embellished. 96% of ingredients of natural origin.

For the lips: The Genuine Lapland Cream Moisturizing Lip Balm moisturizes, nourishes and protects the lips every hour of the day, while delivering a unique sensory experience. 98% of ingredients of natural origin.

The active ingredients

The 3 arctic Berries

very rich in vitamins A, C and E

antioxidant and protective properties

The 3 arctic Berries are composed of Arctic raspberries,Arctic Cranberry and Blackberries. Grown and harvested in Finnish cooperative fields, they deploy all their regenerating power in our care products The Genuine Lapland Cream. Used to fighting against extreme climatic conditions, they are very rich in vitamins A, C and E and bring antioxidant, protective and nourishing properties to our formulas.


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