Northern Light Perfect Skin Gummies


Reveal the natural beauty of your skin!

A multi-functional nutrient concentrate in an apricot-flavored chewing gum to take care of the skin's beauty from the inside.

Our gummies moisturize, boost radiance, delay the appearance of signs of aging and fight against imperfections to reveal smooth, luminous skin, as if recharged from within. Their secret? Siberian Olive , a Polaar super ingredient, combined with a unique cocktail of active ingredients. For all skin types in search of perfection.

To extend the treatment to 6 weeks and maximize its effectiveness, opt for the duo!

  • Natural Aroma
  • made in France
  • Reduced in Sugars
  • Lactose/Gluten Free
  • vegan


  • Jar of 42 gummies
Jar of 42 gummies 1 product

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The global answer for perfect skin!

boost radiance




apricot flavor (natural flavor)

A true concentrate of essential elements, the cocktail of active ingredients in Gummies Belle Peau acts in synergy for maximum effectiveness on radiance, hydration, imperfections and anti-aging protection. As if recharged from within, the skin displays a new radiance, it is perfectly hydrated, smooth and soft.

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find their skin more beautiful


have brighter skin


have fewer imperfections


like their taste


wish to buy them back

*Test conducted as a self-report with 13 people from our Instagram community.

The active ingredients

Siberian Olive

activates cell renewal

reduces wrinkles and fine lines

revives the radiance

It is in the snowy expanses of the Tundra that we discovered theSiberian Olive, with exceptional properties on the brightness. Its fruit, rich in nutrients and full of more than 108 bio-active elements is indeed 30 times more concentrated in Vitamin C than an orange! It is also known for its unequalled concentration of vitamins A, E, and antioxidants, which give it regenerating properties and an exceptional effectiveness on the radiance.

Hyaluronic acid

Intensely moisturises and plumps up

A true water sponge, it is capable of retaining up to 1000 times its weight in water.

Vitamins & Zinc

Association of vitamin B3 with powerful antioxidant protection: delay the appearance of signs of aging.

Anti-bacterial and anti-imperfections action.


Customer Reviews

Based on 50 reviews
Carlotta (Chertsey, United Kingdom)

I find these gummies intriguing and quite tasty. I think they must help my skin and plump it out and they taste good. I need to test some more for a while longer and may get the duo pack another time.
Excellent they are vegan.
Thank you so much!

G. (Peujard, France)
Very effective food supplement

I followed the POLÀAR Food Supplement program "Gummies Northern Light atSiberian Olive" for 21 days with two Gummies per day. I found that the fact that they were Gummies made it more convenient and pleasant to take, plus it had a nice Apricot taste. I appreciated the natural composition of this food supplement, based onSiberian Olive, rich in Hyaluronic Acid, Zinc and Vitamins; in addition to being vegan, lactose free, reduced in sugars, with natural flavouring; all made in France, it's great. After 21 days of use, I find that my skin is more moisturized, softer and smoother, in fact my skin texture has been refined, I have far fewer imperfections (my little pimples have gone) and my fine lines are slightly less pronounced. It is a wonderful discovery and I will certainly make other cures throughout the year to continue to take care of my skin from the inside.

Joly Noémie
Good discovery

It is the first time that I used gummies and I must say that I am rather satisfied with this product. The taste is very good, it's pleasant to eat it, it's like tasting a candy and my skin has evolved in the right direction. However I think that the duration of the treatment is not long enough. Perhaps it would be necessary to start on a month to have more results. But all in all I really appreciated these gummies

Customer (Maisons-Alfort, France)

When I opened the jar, I was charmed by the confectionery smell coming from it. The taste? Candy. I took the cure for 21 days at a rate of 2 gummies per day. I could notice from the beginning that my skin was more hydrated, then after a fortnight it appeared more beautiful and smooth. On vacation in Corsica, it also has me skin of the radicals (I put my index anyway). I return and my skin was never so beautiful. Frankly I recommend. I make cures of 21 days every 3 months to keep this beautiful skin hydrated, smoothed and protected.

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