Northern Light Micro-Peeling Foam


A deliciously scented airy foam that reveals a new skin texture and a radiant complexion in just 30 seconds! This cleanser with its unique concentration of vitamin C and 100% natural salicylic acid is a real beauty treatment whose precious active ingredients cleanse, refine and regenerate the skin texture day after day.

  • 95% naturalness
  • made in France
  • vegan
  • yuka 93/100


  • 100ml

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Reveal a radiant complexion in 30 seconds!

cleanses and refines the skin texture

protects the skin from external aggression

illuminates the complexion

texture : airy exfoliating

refreshing scent with citrus notes

The Micro-Peeling Foam Northern Light, rich in Siberian Olive (vitamin C concentrate) and 100% natural salicylic acid, is a real beauty treatment whose precious active ingredients clean and refine the skin texture day after day. A keratolytic action that resurfaces and exfoliates the skin, and tightens the pores. Its new generation anti-pollution active ingredient acts as an invisible mask to prevent all fine particles from penetrating the skin's pores.
A Micro-Peeling Foam that exfoliates, purifies and eliminates all excess sebum. The skin is thus freed from impurities and pollution particles accumulated during the day, ready to receive day and night care.

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feel their skin is smoother


have a brighter complexion


have their skin texture refined and their pores tightened


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The active ingredients

L'Siberian Olive

activates cell renewal

revives the radiance

reduces wrinkles and fine lines

It was in the heart of the Taiga, while searching for an active ingredient capable of protecting the skin of cosmonauts that Russian scientists discovered the powers ofSiberian Olive : the best kept secret of the former USSR! This small berry, full of more than 108 bio-active elements, has an unequalled concentration of vitamins A, C and E and antioxidants, which gives it exceptional properties on radiance and cell regeneration.

Salycilic acid

Native to Canada, this evergreen sub-shrub grows in the forests, undergrowth and clearings of North America.

Refines skin texture (keratolytic, anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory activity)

Purifies the skin (eliminates excess sebum and erases imperfections)

Anti-ageing (reduces wrinkles, smoothes the skin and reveals the radiance of the complexion)

Anti-Pollution Shield (Seaweed extracts)

Traps impurities to prevent them from penetrating the epidermis

Protects and preserves the cells from external aggression

The reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 68 reviews
Jessica Schwartz (Jackson, United States)
Love love love

Loving your products! My skin looks and feels so much healthier since I started.

Not suitable

Unfortunately these products are not suitable for my skin.

K. Thuault (Tours, France)
Very effective

I really like the result of this mousse, after 1 month of use and combined with the smoothing cream from the same range, I really noticed a reduction in visible pores and a brighter complexion. However, I don't really like the mousse texture, and my adult acne is still there. It may be a little less but it's not miraculous either.

Sandra Tanguy (Paris, France)

Brighter complexion, less pimples, very pleasant foam
I validate this product at the top

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