Nunatak flowers

Over 200,000 years ago, our planet experienced a devastating ice age that wiped out 90% of its living species, overwhelmed by extreme cold and drought. Recluse in the peaks above the eternal snows, in the heart of regions where air and vegetation are scarce, the Nunatak flower has nevertheless managed to survive by adapting and developing its own defense system thanks to its rich antioxidant content.

polaar expertise

To preserve an Arctic flower as rare and precious as it is robust, Polaar simply reproduces and cultivates its plant stem cells to recreate its highly resistant active properties. Its natural environment is preserved, and your skin is protected.

The benefits







Nunatak flowers have incredible antioxidant properties

Skin is moisturized and regains firmness and elasticity.

This active ingredient smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and redefines the oval of the face.