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The ultimate moisturising range, Ice Source uses pure glacier water to soften, plump and deeply moisturise the skin. To optimise its penetrating effects, it has been encapsulated in liposomes.


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Moisturise your skin with Iceberg Water

Having a beautiful skin and reducing its small defects (fine lines, dark circles, skin dryness, imperfections...) is what we all dream of every day. A compulsory step is to adopt moisturising products adapted to your skin type. Moisturising is indeed the sine qua non condition to have a beautiful complexion, and to keep it all year long! Polaar deciphers for you The active ingredients to privilege to quench your thirst, and discover why Iceberg Water, the star ingredient of our new moisturising range, will soon be your future beauty essential.

Ice Source : the new hydration range from Polaar

The Polaar team is delighted to be able to (finally!) present a project we have been working on for a few months: our new face care range ICE SOURCE, formulated to provide intense hydration for all skin types!

Moisturizing the skin naturally: the essential care step

Moisturizing your skin is probably THE most important beauty gesture to take care of your face and body. Whatever your age, your skin type or the season, providing your skin with water via a cream or a cosmetic care product helps to counteract its natural dehydration and to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.