Moisturize your skin with Iceberg Water

We all dream of beautiful skin, and of minimizing its minor imperfections (fine lines, dark circles, dry skin, imperfections...). The first step is to adopt moisturizing skin care products adapted to your skin type. Moisturizing is the sine qua non for a beautiful complexion, and keeping it that way all year round! Polaar decodes The active ingredients for you to quench your thirst, and discover whyEau d'Iceberg, the star ingredient in our new moisturizing range, will soon be your beauty essential.


Moisturization, essential for beautiful skin


Skin naturally contains 65% water: this is present in large quantities in the different layers of the epidermis, and is often linked to the general appearance of your skin. The skin loses a little water every day, notably through perspiration (whether you feel it or not): this is a perfectly normal, natural process. It's therefore essential to provide your body with enough water to compensate for this loss, whether through what you eat and drink (remember, it's recommended to drink at least 1.5L of water a day) or externally, by applying moisturizing skin care products.

If the balance has been upset and your skin suffers from a lack of water, the first signs of discomfort will appear without delay:


  • Your skin feels tight, less supple and less elastic. This tightness can be uncomfortable on a daily basis.
  • Small furrows appear: these are the fine lines of dehydration that form on your face. Skin marks more easily, and if you pinch it, it retains the imprint of your fingers.
  • Your skin is dull and lacks radiance.

If the first signs of dehydration appear, don't worry: they're not irreversible! By adopting the right skin care products to replenish your epidermis with water, it's easy to regain hydrated, protected and healthier skin.


All skin types (combination, oily, dry or sensitive) need to be moisturized, and may at one time or another lack water intake. There are many moisturizing active ingredients in facial skincare products, some more effective than others. At Polaar, we've opted for an extremely pure ingredient: Eau D'Iceberg.


Iceberg Water, an exceptional active ingredient for moisturizing the skin


In the magical landscapes of the Far North, we've identified an exceptional active ingredient with the ability to replenish your epidermis with water and provide deep, long-lasting hydration. It's Eau Iceberg, a pure, original water that your skin will love.

We have set up a very specific harvesting process to avoid impacting the environment. Because nature is as pure and delicate as your skin, Polaar has established a demanding ethical charter to preserve their precious assets. Our sourcing of active ingredients is responsible, our formulas and packaging are environmentally friendly, and we contribute to the protection of polar biodiversity.


That's why we've set up a unique process to restore all the benefits of Eau d'Iceberg to your skin. We have sourced this pure water in Canada, at the confluence of the Dreviews Strait: it comes from the ice floes that have naturally broken away from the pack ice or the frozen shoreline of Greenland. A tiny fraction of the many drifting icebergs is harvested in this way. Harvesting takes place in summer, before the smaller icebergs melt completely into the sea water. Once harvested, the water is encapsulated in liposomes using a unique process developed by our researchers. Liposomes are tiny bubbles that transport the active ingredient to the heart of the epidermis. They act like moisturizing micro-patches to infuse your skin with deep, long-lasting moisture.



Our 3 must-have moisturizers with Iceberg Water


To quench your skin's thirst and keep it supple and plump, we have developed three Iceberg Water products in our new range ICE SOURCE.


  • Moisturizing Cream is THE cream for thirsty skin. Thanks to its encapsulated Iceberg Water and Thalassiosira Antartica extract (an ultra-nourishing micro-algae), it replenishes your skin with water, promotes cell renewal and improves the appearance of your skin's texture by reducing the size of pores. Its velvety-smooth texture and discreet fragrance will leave you feeling truly relaxed! With no oily effect, you can apply make-up immediately afterwards. Crème Hydratante is recommended for normal to dry skin, and can be used morning and night.
  • If you have combination or oily skin, opt for Hydrating Gelée. Its light, melting gel texture moisturizes while bringing a wave of freshness to your epidermis, for radiantly beautiful skin. Moisturizing Gelée is rapidly absorbed, and its high-molecular Hyaluronic Acid content ensures a shine-free finish. A true infusion of freshness for your demanding skin.
  • To complete and reinforce the action of the Moisturizing Cream and Moisturizing Jelly, remember to use the third product in the range once or twice a week: the Moisturizing Cream and Moisturizing Jelly. Ultra Moisturizing Mask. A real hydration booster, it infuses the skin in ten minutes top chrono and plumps it up, bringing comfort, freshness and softness in a single gesture. Ultra Moisturizing Mask is suitable for all skin types, and can even be applied at night for extremely dry skin.

By now, you're familiar with all the right gestures and care products to effectively quench your skin's thirst. A beautiful, plump and radiant complexion depends on good moisturizing, and the choice of active ingredients contained in your facial products is a key factor. Opt for pure ingredients with proven efficacy, such as Eau d'Iceberg, and you'll have a beautiful complexion that will be the envy of many in the heart of winter, whatever the season!