Iceberg water

At the confluence of Hudson Strait and Dreviews Strait, beyond the shores of Canada, drifts the purest source of water on the planet: that of the great glaciers of the North. Taken from bits of icebergs detached from the pack ice and naturally brought to melt, this extremely pure water provides skin with an intense level of hydration, for incomparable suppleness, comfort and radiance.

polaar expertise

To preserve the purity of this richness, we use our unique know-how: the encapsulation of iceberg water in liposomes. This technique optimizes the penetration of moisturizing active ingredients into the epidermis and their diffusion over the longer term.

The benefits







Encapsulation ensures that water's properties are preserved, while penetrating deep into skin cells for intense hydration.

Liposomes penetrate to the heart of epidermal cells to re-oxygenate them, bringing radiance and suppleness.

A water that acts like micro-patches of intense hydration to plump skin.