A range with Boreal Algae, rich in phytomelatonin to regenerate, smooth and decongest the skin while you sleep!


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How to have a beautiful skin in one night?

Do you dream of having perfect skin when you wake up? Wondering how to get beautiful skin overnight? Here are our tips and tricks for a radiant complexion in the morning.

Regenerate your skin deeply during the night

The night is the best time for the body to regenerate itself: to get rid of stress, to strengthen your immune system, to restore your nerve cells... You are at rest, but your body is undergoing a period of intense activity. And the skin is no exception to the rule, since the renewal of skin cells increases when you sleep. Take advantage of your sleep to help it regenerate with targeted products and have a fresh, youthful complexion when you wake up!

The benefits of seaweed on the skin

It is undeniable that The active ingredients from the sea are on the rise! Collagen or marine sugars, seawater and seaweed are increasingly present in face and body care products, so much so that we now speak of marine cosmetics. Far from being a fad, marine ingredients, and seaweed in particular, have real beneficial properties for the skin. Whatever their colour (brown, green, red...) or size (macro or micro-algae), these marine plants have it all... Find out why and how to take advantage of their benefits for the skin!