Polar Night Revitalizing Cream 


Regenerate your skin while you sleep! Rich in restorative active ingredients, especially Boreal Algae, this iconic treatment comes to the rescue of stressed and devitalized skin. When you wake up, your complexion is fresh and your features are smoothed, just like after a good night's sleep. Its foamy texture with a matte finish and its addictive fragrance are unanimously appreciated. A pleasure for the skin and the senses!

  • 95% naturalness
  • Best Seller
  • made in France
  • vegan


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Regenerate your skin at night!

smoother skin

skin recharged with oxygen

youthful glowing skin

texture : smooth with a matte finish

addictive and bewitching light powdery fragrance

Thanks to the revitalising properties of Boreal Algae, this treatment regenerates and revitalises the skin in depth. Night after night, toxins are eliminated, the skin is smoother and recharged with oxygen. Rich in beta endorphins and essential nutritional elements, Boreal Algae revitalizes stressed and dehydrated skin. The skin is radiant with youth. The rich, creamy texture of this night care product penetrates the skin quickly while leaving a matte finish. Let yourself be transported by its addictive and bewitching fragrance.

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The active ingredients

Rhodimenia Borealia or Boreal Algae

stimulates skin microcirculation

eliminates accumulated toxins

repairs the aggressions suffered by the skin

fight against the signs of ageing

Rhodimenia Borealia is a boreal algae that lives in the depths of the Arctic Ocean, where light is scarce. Its superpower? Its ability to synthesise a high level of phytomelatonin - the plant version of melatonin - which is responsible for cell regeneration at night.
It also helps restore the skin's chronobiology, which is disturbed by the effects of seasonal changes, jet lag and lack of sleep. It has decongestant, soothing and revitalising properties that promote the fundamental mechanisms of nocturnal cell regeneration.

Immortelle water

Floral water rich in beta endorphins and nutritional elements

Relaxes stressed and moisture-deprived skin


Customer Reviews

Based on 237 reviews
Maureen Maloney
Great quality, excellent service

I fell in love with your products while traveling in Europe, and even now that I'm back in the US, I continue to order online so I can continue to enjoy your products.

Walid Essaddam (Paris, France)
I love

Excellent product and moisturizing sensation

Diane Boothe (Chesapeake, United States)
I love this cream!

I have surface rosacea and my face is always red. While a perpetual blush sounds pleasant, it's not. This is the only cream that has calmed that redness and keeps my skin radiant. I'm a user for life.

Iris Kristjansdottir (Valby, Denmark)
The most amazing nightcreme

This really is the best out their, by my experience! It cools on the face and smells amazing! It leaves my skin smooth and soft. Will make sure to Never run out of product!

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