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Polaar formulates high-performance, innovative skin care products based on rare, pure plants from the mountains, plains and oceans of the Arctic world. The skin's natural beauty is revealed and protected in a unique sensorial experience.

The Genuine Lapland Cream

These 5 cocooning skincare products, inspired by ancestral Lapland recipes, moisturize and nourish even the most sensitive, dry skin. Their effectiveness is based on a unique cocktail of 3 Arctic Berries : raspberries, Arctic Cranberry and blackberries.

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Polaar Night effectively smoothes, regenerates and relaxes the skin for the duration of a night's sleep. It is based on the exceptional properties of Boreal Algae which grow in the abysses of the Arctic oceans.

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Icy Magic

A range of treatments with "magic wand" effects for smooth skin and radiant eyes. Icy Magic relies on the power and tonicity of Siberian Ginseng to revitalize the eye contour and stimulate skin cells.

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Northern Light

Go for clear, luminous skin with the Northern Light range and its vitamin-rich skincare products, formulated to say goodbye to dull complexions, refine and smooth skin texture while protecting against pollution.

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Eternal Snow

Eternal Snow preserves your skin's youthfulness with its anti-aging skincare line. The power of Nunatak Flower densifies, moisturizes and illuminates the complexion.

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Ice Source

The ultimate moisturizing range, Ice Source uses Eau pure des grands Glaciers to soften, plump and deeply moisturize the skin. To optimize its penetrating effects, it has been encapsulated in liposomes.

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Pureté Arctique

A range of cleansers and make-up removers Pureté Arctique Snowy Cotton . Skin is clean, purified and radiantly beautiful!

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Polaar Sun

This range of suncare products uses a unique combination of organic filters and mineral screens to protect and moisturize the skin, even in the most extreme conditions.

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Polaar Men

Looking for a feeling of freshness and toned skin? An impeccable, comfortable shave, even for the most reactive skin types? Protected, moisturized skin all day long?

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