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For beautiful skin, adopting a beauty routine adapted to your skin type is essential. In addition to using a serum and moisturizing cream on a daily basis, exfoliating and applying a face mask can provide in-depth skin care. Discover our range of masks and scrubs, and benefit from all the virtues of rare, pure, natural active ingredients from the polar world.


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Face masks: choosing the right moisturizing mask

Day or night, adopting a moisturizing routine for your face is an essential gesture. Whether it's a rich cream, a fluid or a serum, you're used to taking care of your skin, to protect it from premature aging and daily aggressions (pollution, cold, wind, heating in winter...). However, even if moisturizing is a woman's first need, daily care is not always enough. That's where moisturizing face masks come in, to help revitalize your skin and get rid of that dull complexion that makes you look tired. Discover Polaar's tips for choosing the moisturizing mask your skin needs.