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Inspired by polar expeditions and designed with natural active ingredients sourced in the Arctic and Antarctic, Polaar Men skincare products offer all men a range of natural, effective and sensorial products for exploring life on a daily basis.


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Facial care for men, which cleanser for the face?

A man's facial cleansing routine is a step not to be neglected, morning and night, even when you're in a hurry. Many of you tend to skip this step, for lack of time or because you haven't found the right cleanser. But it's essential for keeping skin clean and healthy. It's an essential step in getting your beauty routine off to a good start, caring for your skin and making shaving easier.

Natural, green and eco-designed: discover the POLAAR MEN range!

Tired of your man stealing your Polaar products (like your Polar Night Cream or your IcyMagic Roll-on?) well TADAM! we've decided to pamper men too! With natural skincare products, recycled and recyclable packaging, FSC, made in France, vegan... in short, all good for their skin and for the planet!

Oily skin in men: reflexes to adopt

While men's skin is naturally thicker and tends to age later than women's, it is also characteristically oilier... So how do you take care of it and tame shine and any imperfections? Here's a look at the best ways to care for men's skin at any age!