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Polaar has formulated a range of products enriched with polar active ingredients to illuminate and smooth the complexion: the objective is absolute radiance!


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Dilated pores: causes and solutions

Dilated pores are a common phenomenon and can affect all skin types, not just combination or oily skin. And while these visible "little holes" are a cosmetic problem, they also lead to skin inflammation and the appearance of blemishes. Let's take a look at their causes and the solutions available to improve the appearance of the skin.

Dull complexion: our tips for getting rid of it

With the return of summer, we all dream of having a pretty, luminous complexion, in keeping with the weather! Unfortunately, at the end of winter, the skin often looks grey: lack of luminosity and vitamin D, accumulation of toxins and external aggressions (cold, wind...) have often left their mark on our face... So how can we stop having a dull complexion and regain a radiant skin before the first sunshine and the arrival of a beautiful tan? What beauty routine should you use to give your face a glow? Follow the guide, we give you our best tips and advice to chase away a dull complexion!

3 solutions to keep a good look all year round

Do you dream of looking good in all seasons and in all circumstances? Discover our tips and tricks to get a beautiful, luminous complexion and boost your skin's radiance.