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Polaar has formulated skin care products enriched with polar active ingredients to illuminate and smooth the complexion: the ultimate radiance objective!


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Dilated pores: causes and solutions

A common phenomenon, dilated pores can affect all skin types, not just combination or oily skin. And while these highly visible "little holes" are an aesthetic problem, they can also lead to skin inflammation and the appearance of imperfections. Let's take a look at their causes and the solutions available to improve skin's appearance.

Dull complexion: our tips for getting rid of it

With the return of fine weather, we all dream of sporting a pretty, luminous complexion to match the weather of the moment! Unfortunately, as winter draws to a close, our skin often looks a little dull: lack of light and vitamin D, accumulation of toxins and external aggressions (cold, wind...) have often left their mark on our face... So how can we get rid of our dull complexion and get back to radiant skin before the first rays of sun and the arrival of a beautiful tan? What's the best beauty routine to give your face a radiant glow? Follow the guide as we give you our best tips and advice for chasing away a dull complexion!

3 solutions for a healthy glow all year round

Do you dream of looking good in every season and in every circumstance? Discover our tips and tricks for a beautiful, luminous complexion and boosting your skin's radiance.