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Redness, irritation, tightness: the skin's balance is fragile, and at the slightest annoyance, your skin makes you feel it! Soothe your face with our anti-redness creams, which gently care for sensitive and reactive skin.


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What routine should I adopt for my very dry skin?

Having dry skin is never very pleasant: this feeling of discomfort and tightness can be annoying on a daily basis. Skin lacking water loses its radiance: duller, less supple, it instantly looks more tired and marks more easily, inconveniences that we would gladly do without! Fortunately, there are solutions to say no to dry skin and regain a healthy epidermis. Let's take stock of the origin of this dehydration, and of the care to adopt on a daily basis to replenish your skin with water, and to restore its beauty!

How to moisturise very dry skin naturally

Having very dry skin is never a pleasure. Between feelings of tightness, chapping and a dull complexion, this obvious lack of suppleness and hydration is not always easy to overcome. How can you moisturise dry skin and regain a healthy complexion? Which beauty products and natural ingredients can help you overcome this problem? Find out all about moisturising very dry skin in this article!