How to moisturize very dry skin naturally

Very dry very dry skin is never a pleasure. Between feelings of tightness, chapping and a dull complexion, this obvious lack of suppleness andhydrationis not always easy to overcome. How to moisturize dry skin and restore healthy skin? Which beauty products and natural ingredients can help? Find out all about moisturizing very dry skin in this article!

What causes dry skin?

Dry and dehydrated skin

In reality, there is no single answer to this question. Some people have naturally dry skin, which means they tend to produce less sebum than necessary. This is the exact opposite of oily skin, which produces too much! We therefore need to provide it with lipids, via targeted skin care products, to nourish it and restore its integrity. A distinction is made here between dry skin (which lacks "oil") and dehydrated skin (which lacks water). These two problems can, of course, be cumulative.

What factors contribute to dry skin?

Sometimes skin dryness is transitory. It generally occurs when the hydrolipidic film - the skin's natural barrier - is attacked and can no longer retain water in the skin. Possible causes include :

  • Unfavorable weather conditions: wind, cold, snow, sun that can damage the skin
  • Exposure to detergents and household products, especially for dry hands.
  • Medication and certain illnesses, such as diabetes.
  • Hormonal changes, for example during pregnancy.
  • The aging The skin tends to become drier with age.
  • And finally a beauty routine with overly aggressive products, such as coarse-grained scrubs that strip the skin.

As you can see, dry skin can appear on the face, on more specific areas (such as the hands or lips), or on the whole body. In all cases, to restore comfortable, well-moisturized skin, you need to take action and apply a suitable skin care product. tips to help you make the right choice!

How to moisturize very dry skin naturally

At Polaar, we've always believed that nature is full of treasures to help you care for your skin naturally. That's why all our skincare products are formulated with polar active ingredients discovered on our missions. These natural ingredients are proven to pamper all skin types (oily skinsensitive skin or very dry skin, on the face or body...) and to meet all your needs: cleansing, intensely moisturizing, protecting or repairing... You're bound to find the skin care product you need among our ranges!

How to moisturize dry facial skin?

Does your face feel tight, does it mark easily and have dehydration lines appeared? You need a cream water-rich cream: our care Ice Source ! Moisturizing cream and mask contain an exceptionally pure ingredient: l'Eau d'Iceberg.Iceberg Water. Imprisoned in icebergs for decades, this water is free from pollution. We harvest it only when the ice is melting, from naturally detached pieces of iceberg that are brought to melt. Encapsulated in liposomes, the water penetrates to the heart of cells and spreads like hydration micro-patches. Combined with high-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid and a polar micro-algae, these treatments deliver water and lock it into the epidermis to comfort thirsty skin.

To bring their benefits to every skin type, they are available as moisturizing cream (normal to to very dry skin), moisturizing jelly (normal to oily skin) and as a maskto bring extra moisture to your face once or twice a week.

Your eye contour Are you prone to dark circles, puffiness or wrinkles around the eyes? Look no further how to moisturize dark circles Our Icy Magic Roll-On with its ice-cold ball awakens the eye area and intensely moisturizes. Good news: your special facial moisturizing is available in a dedicated routine for normal to dry skinDiscover it now!

Dry skin: our nourishing care products for face and body

Let's discover our The Genuine Lapland Cream skincare products: iconic products that both moisturize and nourish dry or damaged skin. Do you dream of a 2-in-1 moisturizer that can be applied to both face and body, pampering the skin of the whole family? Our Face and Sensitive Areas Cream is made for you! It contains Arctic Berries with regenerating, anti-oxidant and anti-aging properties. anti-aging propertiesas well as Shea ButterMacadamia and Almond Oil. With its cocooning texture and addictive fragrance, this care product comforts dry, dehydrated skin in a single step. The icing on the cake: it's so gentle that it's also suitable for children's skin (from age 3), and works wonders on those prone to scabs andeczema.

The lips and hands are among the most exposed areas of the body, and are therefore often prone to skin dryness. Discover our Lip Balm and Hand Cream, either on their own or in a set The Genuine Lapland Cream : essential products to slip into your handbag to moisturize your hands and keep skin healthy in all circumstances and all seasons.

Moisturizing dry, sensitive skin no longer holds any secrets for you. You'll have beautiful, well-nourished, supple, comfortable skin that's sure to be the envy of many!