The Genuine Lapland Cream

Inspired by the ancestral beauty recipes of Lappish women, The Genuine Lapland Cream products nourish, repair and protect the whole family's dry, sensitive skin. The secret? A unique formulation with 3 Arctic Berries (raspberries, Arctic Cranberry and Blackberries) encapsulated in cocooning, melt-in-the-mouth textures with a delicate fragrance.


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How can I take care of my damaged skin?

Your skin is tight, uncomfortable and even prone to flaking... Ouch! Whether the culprits are the cold, the use of detergent products or a lack of care on your part, the verdict is the same: your epidermis is being abused, and it's showing this with skin that peels, reddens or, in extreme cases, cracks... Don't panic, we'll tell you what you can do to protect your skin from this daily damage, and how to repair dry, fragile skin in dire need of softness and comfort!