The Genuine Lapland Cream

The 5 cocooning care products inspired by ancestral recipes moisturize and nourish the driest and most sensitive skins. Their effectiveness is based on a unique cocktail of 3 Arctic Berries : raspberries, Arctic Cranberry and blackberries.


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My skin is damaged, how can I take care of it?

Your skin is tight, uncomfortable and even tends to peel... Ouch! Whether the culprits are the cold, the use of detergent products or a lack of care on your part, the sentence is the same: your epidermis is being abused and it shows it with skin that peels, reddens or, in extreme cases, cracks... Don't panic, we'll explain to you what steps you can take to protect your skin from this daily damage and how to repair dry and fragile skin that is in great need of softness and comfort!

Dry and sensitive skin, how to face the cold?

Dry and sensitive skin has several characteristics: it lacks comfort and suppleness, is dehydrated, prone to tightness and reacts to the slightest external aggression. The phenomenon is amplified in winter, when temperatures drop and weather conditions, not always favourable, (wind, snow...) get involved. So how do you cope with the cold when you have dry and sensitive skin? Polaar tells you all about the beauty routine to adopt in order to keep your skin well hydrated even at -2°C!

What routine should I adopt for my very dry skin?

Having dry skin is never very pleasant: this feeling of discomfort and tightness can be annoying on a daily basis. Skin lacking water loses its radiance: duller, less supple, it instantly looks more tired and marks more easily, inconveniences that we would gladly do without! Fortunately, there are solutions to say no to dry skin and regain a healthy epidermis. Let's take stock of the origin of this dehydration, and of the care to adopt on a daily basis to replenish your skin with water, and to restore its beauty!