Polaar, arctic secrets

Polaar is a family story. That is what makes this story sincere and true. It is a love of exploration and science that has been passed down from one generation to the next. An inherited desire to make the wonders of the polar world accessible. Polaar was born out of nature. And also for nature. Each formula is assembled to reveal the beauty of women. Without ever forgetting to preserve the purity of the environment that shaped them. Polaar is all about respect. Respect for the skin of all women. Nature has always known how to protect its most fragile part. It is natural formulas that create eternal beauty.

Our story

The story of Polaar takes the form of a family saga whose origins are to be found in the snowy scenery of the most remote regions of the world [...].


Our expertise

Polaar is the very first cosmetics company to be born out of scientific research in the polar world. The journey began with Daniel Kurbiel who, with his experience in the [...]

Our expertise

The exaltation of the senses

Even when the asset has been collected, the North has never really left, the purity of its aromas still lingers in the air. Arctic flowers, shrubs, berries, cotton and eternal snows [...]

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The effectiveness of our skin care products is based on the age-old work of nature. We owe her a lot: she has created powerful active ingredients that preserve and protect your skin. We give back to her [...]

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