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Very pleasant and effective cream

Polar Night Gift Set
A.L. (Franconville, France)
Nice discovery!

To observe the effects of the two products separately, I didn't start by using them both directly at the same time. I first tested the Polar Night serum several nights in a row with my usual cream: it easily penetrated the skin and I quickly felt the effects. After a week, I added the cream. It too is well received by the skin and has a quick effect. After a few weeks, the two together have a visible action: skin is more toned, tauter, the complexion is more unified, the skin texture is much more pleasant. The fragrance of these two products is delicate. I am very satisfied with my trial!

Perfect Skin Routine
Oriane Roeder (Whistler, Canada)

Perfect Skin Routine

Polaar Men Set
patrice GANDOIS (Aix-en-Provence, France)


Polaar Men Trapper's Deo
Swann (Nantes, France)
Relative efficiency

The effectiveness of the deodorant only lasts for the first few hours of the day for me. I don't have any particular problem though.

Moisturizing Routine for Normal to Dry Skin
Aicha LEBDJED (Paris, France)

the products are perfect very good products

NEW - Arctic Purity Bubble Mask
laetitia (Gretz-Armainvilliers, France)
Bubbles that sparkle

This mask is sparkling, it's a real pleasure for the skin. The texture is nice and my skin is revived, what a bowl of oxygen.

NEW - Arctic Purity Exfoliating Powder
laetitia (Gretz-Armainvilliers, France)
Radiant complexion

The powder is easy to use and yet the "wow" effect is very present. The powder texture is pleasant and the foam effect that follows is just sensational. My skin is clean, perfectly cleansed and my complexion is radiant, thank you Polaar!

NEW - Arctic Purity Cleansing Balm
laetitia (Gretz-Armainvilliers, France)
Ultra fresh makeup remover

The smell is fresh, the make-up removal goes smoothly, I feel that my skin is perfectly cleaned and radiant

Eternal Snow Youthful Promise Cream
CELA TERESA (Madrid, Spain)
What a texture!!!

This cream has a wonderful texture and fits my skin perfectly.

Ice Source Moisturizing Cream
Stéphanie (Paris, France)

This cream is simply perfect. All the benefits described for this cream are real. I really love it. Congratulations to the entire Polaar team. And thank you for your work.

Anti-Aging Duo Day and Night
Héloise Galesne (Saint-Aubin-du-Cormier, France)

I have very dry and reactive skin. No reaction from my skin, no redness.
The night cream is very pleasant but has a very strong scent that I am not used to.
The day cream has a very pleasant texture, a cloud, a kind of whipped yogurt. The perfume is less strong. However, the cream does not moisturize my skin enough. By 1pm I need to rehydrate it.

Anti-Aging Duo Day and Night
Frédérique Fischer (Strasbourg, France)
At the top!

Very pleasant texture, fresh, and which penetrates very well in the skin. Ideal for fragile and sensitive skins. Very appreciable plumping effect.

Polaar Men Scandinavian Soap
Sebastian B. S (Horsens, Denmark)

Great soap, for years I used ordinary soap, but did not like the ingredients list, this is a great soap with lovely foam texture.

Try it

Polaar Men Extreme Cream
Pierre (Juarez, Mexico)

To all good morning

This cream has replaced the hydraforce cream which is a real shame to have stopped
It has nothing to do with it, much less moisturizing and pleasant on all levels
What did you do? Many are asking for its return! We are waiting for it !!!!!!

Hello Pierre,

We have discontinued this hydraforce cream to make room for a cream richer in active ingredients and cleaner in terms of formulation. Indeed the formula is now 98% natural, vegan and rated 100/100 on Yuka.

The cream of the extreme to the following particularities:
- heals and soothes after shaving
- regenerates and energizes the skin
- illuminates the complexion
- fights against the signs of age and dehydration

Lapland Hand and Lip Kit
Birthday present

A big thank you to the whole team for this gift. Product not tested before but which will be part of my routine

NEW - Arctic Purity Bubble Mask
Maira Coutinho Cuvillier (Dunkirk, France)
I'm hooked!

Very fun to use, the sparkling sensation of the bubbles is very relaxing, a real treat! In addition, it is very effective, the skin is luminous and the skin texture is refined after each use. A great find, I'm a fan!

Polar Night Revitalizing Cream 
Chantal C. (Palermo, Italy)

Cream that is too thick and above all does not moisturize my skin enough

Ice Source Moisturizing Cream
Chantal C. (Palermo, Italy)
Perfect hydration

Very good hydration. The texture is very pleasant and the cream penetrates well. The smell is addictive

Anti-Aging Discovery Routine Day and Night
Laetitia Dubot (Nantes, France)

Anti-Aging Discovery Routine Day and Night

Always so satisfied

Quality products that do not cause allergic reactions. I can only be satisfied

Ice Pure Natural Deodorant
Cécile Dick (Clamart, France)

Not as effective as the old formula and does not smell as good

Anti-Aging Duo Polar Night
Sarah Gregory (Norfolk, United States)
Soft skin

I love these products. Using retinol on my sensitive skin can really dry it out but using these two products keep my skin soft and hydrated!

Polar Night Revitalizing Cream 
C.P. (Paris, France)
A cream that has become a classic

This cream is a classic in my evening skin care routine. It has a very pleasant texture and smell and the skin wakes up soft and soothed.

NEW - Arctic Purity Bubble Mask
Semra PALA (Vitry-sur-Seine, France)

What a surprise, its texture of pink color is magnificent. From the first application on the face, tiny bubbles appear and bring a refreshing sensation. The skin becomes radiant with beauty. I recommend it.