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Polar Night Anti-Aging Set
Hélène TOUSCH (Le Perreux-sur-Marne, France)

Pleasant to use, but relatively expensive

Polar Night Revitalizing Elixir
Corinne (Moissac, France)
Excellent products: night serum and mask

I have dry facial skin. The serum is therefore very effective in nourishing my skin. I complete this treatment by using the night mask 3f/week.
The texture and light fragrance of the products are very pleasant.

Lapland Hand Cream Travel size
Céline AUTREUX (Cinq-Mars-la-Pile, France)
Super cream

Super effective and so nice to wear

And super-fast shipping

Cracker Laponie 3 products
Abir Saleh (Fontainebleau, France)

Cracker Laponie 3 products

Day and Night Anti-Aging Duo
Marilyne Crémel (Lille, France)

Day and Night Anti-Aging Duo


I had the chance to test this serum for a few weeks and I'm totally won over! ✨

First, let's talk about its texture. It's simply divine! Light, yet with an enveloping sensation on the skin, it's a real pleasure to apply morning and night. And that delicate, snow-like sensation is simply unique! ☁️

As for the results, I have to say I was blown away. After just two weeks of use, I noticed a clear reduction in my pigmentation spots. My complexion became brighter and more even, with an almost immaculate transparency! 😍

What I also appreciate is its clean, natural formula, with no parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol or mineral oils. Knowing that I'm taking care of my skin while protecting the environment gives me extra confidence in this product.

To sum up, Polaar's Anti-Spot Serum Eternal Snow with White Pine is a real "coup de coeur" for me. If you're looking for a serum that's effective, gentle on the skin and respectful of the environment, I highly recommend it!

Eternal Snow Youthful Promise Cream
Vanessa LEO (Vesoul, France)
Can do better

The texture is not pleasant, it looks like gelatin. On application, it melts, and the scent is pleasant. I can't see the effectiveness after 2 weeks of application.

Ice Source Moisturizing Cream
Valerie MOUILLEAU (Paris, France)

excellent value for money and reliable online team Thanks

NEW - Anti-Spot Serum Eternal Snow
Christine (Aixe-sur-Vienne, France)


I tested this anti-spot serum Eternal Snow with white pine which is just incredible!

Its fluid texture penetrates relatively quickly and my skin is much softer, radiant and luminous. My spots are fading day by day and I'm very happy with the results!
The scent is just incredible, this serum smells divine.

I recommend this serum for anyone with spots.

Northern Light Micro-Peeling Foam
Ophèlie W (Saint-Ghislain, Belgium)

I have acne-prone skin and when I do my peeling routine, I feel my skin is already better! Of course, I still have pimples since they're hormonal, but thanks to Polaar they're more discreet and my skin texture is so much more beautiful 🤩

Day and Night Anti-Aging Duo
carine MARTINET (Brest, France)
Day & Night Cream

A delight for your products!
The Youthful Promise Cream has a very airy texture and an amazing smell, I love it!
And the polar night cream, a smell that I also love and my skin appreciates it a lot. Thank you for these great products!

Northern Light Smoothing Cream
Mathilde M. (Paris, France)
It's not very penetrating

The cream gives a healthy glow, it's true. Unfortunately, it doesn't penetrate well and makes you sweat. I don't usually worry about sweating, and other Polaar creams don't cause me this problem, but with this cream I sweat as soon as I go out, so the cream doesn't stay on and goes away, because it doesn't penetrate deeply. It's a shame, considering the price and the pretty finish it leaves at first sight.

Anti-Aging Program Eternal Snow
Dominique Abrassart (Manage, Belgium)
Moisturizing cream that penetrates without leaving the skin greasy.

Satisfied with my purchase.

Polar Night Revitalizing Cream 
Alex (Aubagne, France)
Super efficient!

Finally, a cream that is moisturizing enough for my very dry skin. I use it as a day and night cream every day.

Bubble Mask Pureté Arctique
Emilie David (Orbec, France)

Very good product
To be used in the evening, as the redness lasts for a few hours after the treatment, but fades completely afterwards, leaving the skin completely clean!

Good product

Moisturizes and protects well. Fragrance much too strong, really very strong...


The packaging reflects the brand's image: simple and refined.
The serum's container is very easy to use and innovative with its cap.
I love its delicate fragrance, a real Nugget.
It's extremely pleasant to apply, not sticky, and the fluid serum penetrates immediately.
Maximum hydration while bringing light and comfort (the before/after photo speaks for itself).
This serum is really effective - spots fade in about ten days. I recommend it!
Received free of charge

Lapland Hand Cream

This cream is part of our daily routine.
I highly recommend

NEW - Anti-Spot Serum Eternal Snow
Julie (Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France)

I've been using the new polaar anti-spot serum for a few weeks now and I'm more than delighted to have discovered it. Having skin problems with rather pronounced spots, I'm already seeing a big difference after several uses. My skin has finally regained a luminous, even tone. The serum is easy to apply, the texture is pleasant and leaves a non-greasy finish. I'm won over by this serum, which is now part of my daily routine. I recommend it 1000%!

NEW - Anti-Spot Serum Eternal Snow
Éloïse Milliseck (Metzeral, France)

For people who have skin problems with pronounced blemishes, I assure you that you can see the difference after a while of use, for people with complexions, don't hesitate to go for this serum, it's really incredible, it doesn't leave the skin oily, I'm bluffed by the results.

NEW - Anti-Spot Serum Eternal Snow
Customer (Andrezieux-Boutheon, France)
Revolutionary skincare

I'm delighted to have discovered this spot-fighting treatment, which has given me a luminous, even complexion. Once again, it confirms the quality of the brand's products.

NEW - Anti-Spot Serum Eternal Snow
Customer (Andrezieux-Boutheon, France)
Revolutionary skincare

I'm delighted to have discovered this spot-fighting treatment, which has given me a luminous, even complexion. Once again, it confirms the quality of the brand's products.

NEW - Anti-Spot Serum Eternal Snow
Marie José (Bordeaux, France)
Top-of-the-line serum

This serum is super pleasant to apply
I'm delighted A fresh, non-greasy texture
After several weeks of regular use, I've noticed a more even complexion that's superbly moisturized. I recommend it with my eyes closed.

NEW - Anti-Spot Serum Eternal Snow
Céline Charamon (Saint-Sébastien-sur-Loire, France)
Very efficient and pleasant

I have hormonal acne spots which have faded well after 3 weeks of use. They were very pronounced and are visibly disappearing.
I use it morning and night under my day and night skincare to make it more effective. The fragrance is pleasant and light. The pasckaging is as beautiful as ever. The pipette is very pleasant, I use 3 doses to do my face and neck. I'm very satisfied. My face is more luminous.

NEW - Anti-Spot Serum Eternal Snow
ANNE SOPHIE corbier (Toulon, France)
A highly sensorial serum that effectively combats spots

I received a new product free of charge from Polaar, the Neige Eternelle Anti-Spot Serum with White Pine, which corrects spots and prevents their reappearance for an even complexion.

The bottle is made from 100% recyclable glass, and the packaging is rather original, as the Serum is drawn off with a pipette that delivers the product by simply pressing the cap.
Just the right amount of product is dispensed.
The texture is fluid and milky, with a pleasant floral fragrance.
The serum is easy to spread and penetrates instantly, with no greasy or sticky effect on the skin. You can immediately apply your day or night cream on top.
Skin feels immediately comfortable, moisturized, plumped and even-toned.
A truly cocooning and sensorial moment.
I have light sun spots, and after 14 days of applying the cream morning and night beforehand, I've noticed that they've lightened or even faded.
I can't wait to continue using it for even better results.