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NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Pauline S (Champs-sur-Marne, France)
Super lip balm

I love this lip balm. I love its color, which varies with the number of swipes. It's not sticky or tacky. It moisturizes lips really well. It's very practical, slipping easily into a bag and easy to apply. I really like it and recommend it.

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Ozgul (Maisons-Alfort, France)
I love the texture

I love the color of the lip balm, and the creamy texture provides real comfort every time I use it. My parched lips are deeply moisturized. It's easy to carry around in my bag. I'm very happy with the results.

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
M. (Baden, France)
A great product!

I love this product. The color is really pretty and you can choose the "intensity" of the color by applying one coat or several. Lips are moisturized and sublimated with a beautiful color. I'm delighted. The format is very small and practical.

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Mrm_23 (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Nice discovery

This tinted lip balm is a wonderful discovery! I like to wear it all year round to take care of my lips and keep them moisturized. I'm won over by the beautiful color it provides, as well as nourishing them. The results are immediate: they're softer and healthier.
The intensity is regulated by the number of applications, which I think is great. The packaging is girly and in tube format. It's a small format that you can slip into your bag and keep close at hand. I approve of this product.

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Leila B (Saint-Priest-Bramefant, France)

This tinted lip balm is brilliant, it makes my lips look sublime, and its color dresses them in a beautiful red hue that I can modulate as I wish. Its creamy texture is easy to apply, non-sticky and non-greasy. The result is perfect: my lips are delicately perfumed, ultra-comfortable but above all nourished, moisturized and well protected from external aggressions. It's a flawless balm that has repaired my lips. I feel better because my lips are smoother, with a beautiful glossy effect. A special mention for the clean, made-in-France formula, which reassures me that I use it without moderation.

Polaar Men Trapper's Deo
JB (Elche, Spain)
Natural but not effective!

Too bad, this product is very natural but not effective. It doesn't fulfill its main function: no anti-odour action. Over the course of the day, even shortly after application, it's as if I hadn't put any deodorant on. What's more, it smells like almost nothing.
I'd have to think about revising the formulation to make it really effective.
Unfortunately, mine isn't finished yet, but as it's not effective, I've stopped using it...

Ice Source Moisturizing Gel
Anna Orlova (Varennes-Vauzelles, France)
Moisturizing Jelly Ice Source

This product has quickly become a must-have for morning facial care. It is immediately pleasant to apply, very fresh and immediately absorbed by the skin, providing optimal hydration for the day.

Icy Magic Instant Eye Contour Energiser
Yamina Sahraoui (Reims, France)

Does it work for dark circles?


Very good sun cream, not sticky. Very practical format to take everywhere.

Icy Magic Lashes & Brows
Dominique Genewe (Estagel, France)
Eyelashes and eyebrows

Very good product for lengthening and thickening eyelashes and eyebrows. I use it morning and evening.

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Halima (Rueil-Malmaison, France)
Tinted Lip Balm

I'm really partial to the lip balm's shade, which adds a touch of seduction to my lips, while its fragrance makes them even more irresistible, all the while keeping them well moisturized.


Pleasant and efficient!

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Aurore (Argenteuil, France)
I love

Very practical and hygienic packaging. Very pleasant fragrance. Does not stick on application. Lips are immediately soothed and lightly tinted. The result is visible but natural. I love it!

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Charlotte (Bordeaux, France)
I loved this tinted lip balm

I loved discovering Polaar's tinted lip balm. I've known the brand for years for its other iconic products, which I adore. So I was delighted.
It has the same efficacy and sensoriality as the Laponie lip balm, but with the added tint and color, which I really like.
The texture is very pleasant, soft, with no greasy or sticky effect. It also has a little glossy effect.
It's very effective: lips are nourished, moisturized, deeply repaired and protected.
I love the fact that it's made from 91% natural ingredients, that its packaging is 100% recyclable, and that it's made in France.
Lips are sublimated by a berry-red tint, very soft, pretty and delicate. The shade is highly modulable: you can just enhance your lips' natural hue, or color them a little more for a more intense effect. It's up to you.
Very nice discovery, I really liked this product.

Ice Source Moisturizing Cream
Anna Orlova (Varennes-Vauzelles, France)
Moisturizing cream Ice Source

Ideal for melting on application, it gives a feeling of freshness and provides optimal hydration for the day.

Extra Rich Soap Lapland
Laponie superfat soap bof bof

I find that the soap doesn't lather up enough and the smell isn't incredible. A bit disappointed.

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
DELPHINE PENNEL (Tatinghem, France)
Very nice balm

My lips are well moisturized and beautifully colored with a glossy effect. The red color is discreet and I like it.
The packaging is pretty and makes the balm easy to apply.
A must-have at all times.

Icy Magic Tinted anti-dark circle
Dominique Genewe (Estagel, France)
Truly magical

Great product. Very effective. And by the way, thanks for the product you sent me for my birthday. Super !!!!

Lapland Hand Cream
Jennifer DYENS
Top cream!

I have very, very dry hands and this cream is great. It envelops the hands in a non-greasy film, is very nourishing and shows up quickly. Unlike other creams that I had to apply every day, I can space out my applications without any problems. A real hand care product, at its best!

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Sacha8 (Saint-Saulve, France)
Good product

This lip balm perfectly nourishes and moisturizes lips, while adding a pretty tint. The format is practical and easy to carry. It allows me to take care of my lips while adding a touch of seduction.

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland (Lille, France)
Totally won over!

Finally THE product that suits me! It really moisturizes my lips and gives them the color I want... Ideal for my initially dry mouth. It applies easily, doesn't stick and lasts all day... What more could you ask for?)

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Doudoune (Pontarlier, France)

Tinted lip balm with Arctic Berries, very pleasant to use and easy to apply. It nourishes my lips perfectly and the red color is magnificent, there's no need to apply too much. The red color is sublime and can be dosed as desired. The scent is very pleasant. The packaging is pretty and all the necessary information is present. 91% natural origin.

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Lili (Besançon, France)

The polaar lip balm is a real nugget. It moisturizes my lips while leaving them a pretty pinkish-red hue. It contains 91% natural ingredients and is available at The Genuine Lapland Cream . I recommend it.

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Isma Nessrine (Paris, France)
My lips are sublimated!

I tried the new Lapland tinted lip balm and loved it.
I have a preference for berry-red tinted balms like this one because it gives me a bitten lip effect. I love the way it looks on my lips, they're dewy and visibly brighter. What's more, it's not sticky or greasy.
It has a small capacity, but the advantage is that I can take it with me wherever I go, as it doesn't take up space in my bag.
I usually have dry lips, but this balm moisturizes and softens them for a long time.
I also liked its 91% natural-origin formula. With shea butter, vegetable oils and calendula flower for well-nourished lips. I recommend this product.

NEW - Tinted Lip Balm Lapland
Customer (Dole, France)

It's gorgeous 😍
I love it 🌟
Lips are nourished, protected and delicately colored and of course I recommend it💕💕💕.
It's amazing for all skin types
It has a complexion rouge❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
Sans alcool et il est made in france🥰