Polaar Men Extreme Cream

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Specially formulated for men's skin, this face cream, rich in Siberian Olive, moisturizes, energizes, heals and soothes skin after shaving. A gel-cream texture with a matte finish and a fresh, woody, spicy fragrance.



  • 98% naturalness
  • made in France
  • vegan
  • yuka 100/100


  • 50ml
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3-in-1 moisturizing cream, ideal for aftershave!

heals and soothes after shaving

moisturizes and energizes the skin

revives radiance

fight the signs of aging

matte-finish gel-cream

fresh, spicy, woody fragrance

Vitamin E and pro-vitamin A form an antioxidant action and protect against free radicals such as cigarette smoke, UV rays, light and environmental pollution. After each use, the skin is supple, soothed and perfectly moisturized.
Immediate freshness!

The active ingredients

Siberian Olive

moisturizes and regenerates the skin

revives radiance

protects the skin from external aggression

It was in the heart of the Tundra that we discovered this active ingredient with exceptional regenerating properties:
- 30 times more vitamin C than an orange - 9 times more provitamin A than a carrot - 3 times more vitamin E than sunflower oil
This rare and pure active ingredient, with such powerful properties, was even classified top secret by the USSR! Its fruit is rich in 108 bio-active elements, making it an ideal ally for preserving the skin's beauty and radiance.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
samuel gateau
Essential to my morning routine

I love the fragrance and the texture of the cream on my skin.

Grégori Vogel
Bad cream with mask

The cream is fine in the open air. But with the mask on during the covid 19 pandemic, it degrades very quickly in less than 1 hour, leaving an unpleasant smell all day long.

Pierre (Juarez, Mexico)

A tous bonjour

This cream has replaced the hydraforce cream, which it's a real shame to have stopped using.
It's nothing like it, much less moisturizing and pleasant on all levels.
What did you do? Many are clamoring for its return! We're waiting for it !!!!!!

Hello Pierre,

We have discontinued this hydraforce cream to make way for a cream richer in active ingredients and cleaner in terms of formulation. The formula is now 98% natural, vegan and rated 100/100 on Yuka.

La crème de l'extrème has the following special features:
- heals and soothes after shaving
- regenerates and energizes the skin
- illuminates the complexion
- fights signs of ageing and dehydration

Daniela F. (Paris, France)

My husband really likes it. I like the smell.

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