Moisturizing the skin naturally: the essential skincare routine

Moisturizing your skin is probably THE most important beauty gesture when it comes to caring for your face and body. Whatever your age, skin type or season, moisturizing your skin with a cream or cosmetic care product will counteract its natural dehydration and keep your skin healthy and beautiful. And what better way to do this than to use natural ingredients in clean formulas: with no health risks, these products will moisturize effectively and bring you all the benefits of nature. Here's a closer look at your options for natural skin hydration!

Why and how to moisturize the skin naturally?

Dehydration and Insensible Water Loss

Most of us are unaware of it, but our skin naturally and imperceptibly loseswater every day. This phenomenon is called Insensible Water Loss (IWL): insensible, yes, but very real, since around 500 ml of water escape through the skin's pores every day. Drinking enough water regularly is the first step in countering skin dehydration. Ideally, however, you should also apply a moisturizing cream suited to your skin type, to replenish your face and body with water.

Moisturizing the skin: an essential habit

In addition to this natural evaporation process, the skin is subjected to varying degrees of external aggression every day. Wind, cold, sun, pollution and the friction of clothing can damage the skin's integrity, and the hydrolipidic film, the skin's natural barrier, sometimes has difficulty fulfilling its protective role. Without an external source of hydration, the skin runs a number of risks:

  • It can become drier, with all the inconveniences that this often entails: tightness, discomfort... In the most extreme cases, this dehydration can result in painful chapping or cracking.

  • It tends to be duller and you don't look good.

  • It can be more easily marked: dehydrated skin tends to show more fine lines.

Don't wait for these signs to appear before taking action: the ideal solution is to apply a moisturizing treatment morning and night, adapted to your skin type and based on natural active ingredients.

What ingredients are needed to moisturize the skin naturally?

Nature is full of treasures for skin care. Certain plants, berries and fruits with moisturizing virtues have been tried and tested for thousands of years. Vegetable oils, for example, nourish, repair and soothe the epidermis. Vegetable oil has the advantage of being softer and better assimilated by the skin. Unlike mineral oils, its production does not require heavy chemical processes, which have a major impact on the environment. Among the vegetable oils favored by dry skin or skin lacking in softness are :

  • Olive oil: rich in vitamins (A, D and E in particular) and squalene, it prevents peeling and provides antioxidant benefits,

  • Argan oil is perfect for nourishing, protecting and repairing skin cells. Rich in antioxidants, it's the oil of choice for fighting skin aging and reducing fine lines and wrinkles,

  • Coconut oil: very well tolerated, even by sensitive skin, coconut oil is the active ingredient of choice for moisturizing face and body, as well as lips and hair,

  • Jojoba oil nourishes, softens and soothes skin lacking in moisture. It has the advantage of a dry texture that won't leave a greasy film, and can therefore be used by all skin types, even those suffering from imperfections.

  • Castor oil is a moisturizing, healing and purifying vegetable oil that deeply hydrates the skin while reducing wrinkles and fine lines. It can be used to remove make-up from your skin, but also to nourish and densify your eyelashes and hair.

The Polaar teams have discovered plants and berries in the Arctic regions that thrive in hostile landscapes, used to fighting cold and aridity. We bring you all the benefits of these natural active ingredients, often unknown to the general public, in our face and body product ranges.

Which skincare products for a moisturizing beauty routine?

We offer a range of skincare products to meet the needs of all skin types. If you're looking for intense hydration for healthy, plump skin, you've come to the right place!

How to moisturize facial skin naturally with Polaar skin care products

If your skin is dehydrated, turn to products Ice Source. They containIceberg Water, the purest water in the world, encapsulated in liposomes to bring it to the heart of the cells. High-molecular-weighthyaluronic acid and Thalassiosira Antartica, a polar micro-algae, fix and retain the water in the skin. A cream texture for normal to dry skin, a fluid gel texture for combination to oily skin, and a mask to use as a complement: a moisturizer for every skin type!

How to moisturize body skin naturally?

Lait Corps The Genuine Lapland Cream is a magical skincare product, enveloping your skin in softness to nourish, pamper and protect it. Rich in Arctic Berries and Ricin Oil, it intensely moisturizes and preserves the natural balance of the hydrolipidic film. Its light citrus fragrance will delight all the senses. This body lotion for family use is particularly appreciated by dry, sensitive skin.

If you want to not only moisturize, but also smooth and regenerate the skin on your body, Moisturizing Body Milk Nuit Polaire is just what you need. Boreal Algae and Castor Oil work to maintain optimal moisture levels and revitalize your skin while you sleep. Say goodbye to crocodile skin, for supple, comfortable, deliciously scented skin. The addictive fragrance of Polar Night Revitalizing Cream can be found in this body lotion. A delight for the skin and the senses!