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The must-have for all skin types in search of a radiant complexion and perfect skin texture! Based onSiberian Olive, 30 times more concentrated in vitamin C than an orange, these natural and gentle skin care products are the solution for a radiant skin. Salicylic acid refines the skin texture, smoothes and tightens the pores. An anti-pollution active ingredient acts as an invisible shield to protect the skin from all the micro-particles in the environment.


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Have a beautiful skin thanks to food supplements

Reinforce the effectiveness of your beauty routine and creams with our Gummies Eclat Boréal, food supplements designed to give you perfect skin.

How to refine the skin texture naturally?

Pimples, dilated pores, blackheads, spots and shine are all irregularities that can appear on the face and weigh down your complexion. So how can you refine your skin texture naturally and regain a more even complexion and a more even glow over time? Follow the guide!

Enjoy the benefits of vitamin C on your skin

In winter, vitamin C is your best ally for keeping your energy up and boosting your immune system. Giving your body a short course of ascorbic acid - the other name for vitamin C - is always a good idea to help it get through the cold days without losing its energy. Did you know that vitamin C is also of real benefit to the skin, making it more radiant and younger? Follow the guide to boost your skin and give it all the benefits of vitamin C!