To maintain beautiful, smooth, radiant skin, we need to apply a moisturizer adapted to each individual's needs. Discover our face and body moisturizers with natural active ingredients from the Far North!


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Moisturizing the skin naturally: the essential skincare routine

Moisturizing your skin is probably THE most important beauty gesture when it comes to caring for your face and body. Whatever your age, skin type or time of year, moisturizing your skin with a cream or cosmetic care product will counteract its natural dehydration and keep your skin looking beautiful and healthy.

Oily skin: what moisturizer should I choose for my face?

Adopting the right steps to care for oily skin isn't always easy! Prone to imperfections, oily skin needs to be gently cleansed and moisturized with specific creams to regulate excessive sebum production. Too rich a skincare product, too harsh a scrub, and the problem gets worse: skin reacts by becoming even shinier, and even oilier! Rest assured, it's possible to regain beautiful, clear, matte skin thanks to a targeted beauty routine. Follow our guide and we'll tell you how to choose the right moisturizing face cream to get rid of oily skin and its inconveniences!

Moisturizing your face: our 8 beauty tips

On a daily basis, the skin naturally loses water: around 600 ml are lost every day. This phenomenon, known as Insensible Water Loss (IWL), is not palpable, but its consequences are quickly felt if you don't provide your face with external hydration to counterbalance it. Dehydration lines, tight skin and a dull complexion are just some of the consequences you can expect! In extreme cases and for the driest skins, roughness and flaking can occur.