Keeping a beautiful, smooth and radiant skin requires the application of a moisturizer adapted to each person's needs. Discover our moisturizing face and body creams made with natural active ingredients from the Great North!


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Moisturizing the skin naturally: the essential care step

Moisturizing your skin is probably THE most important beauty gesture to take care of your face and body. Whatever your age, your skin type or the season, providing your skin with water via a cream or a cosmetic care product helps to counteract its natural dehydration and to keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

Oily skin: which moisturiser should I choose for my face?

Adopting the right gestures to take care of your oily skin is not always easy! Oily skin is prone to imperfections and needs to be gently cleansed and moisturized with specific creams that will regulate the excessive production of sebum. A too rich skin care product, a scrub that is too harsh, and the problem worsens: the skin reacts by becoming even shinier, and even more oily! Rest assured, it is possible to get a beautiful, clear and matte skin thanks to a targeted beauty routine. Follow the guide, we'll explain how to choose the right moisturizer for your face, to get rid of oily skin and its inconveniences!

Moisturising your face: our 8 beauty tips

On a daily basis, the skin naturally loses water: about 600 ml of water is lost every day. This phenomenon, called Insensible Water Loss (IWL), is not palpable, but its consequences are quickly felt if you do not provide your face with external hydration to counteract it. Dehydration lines, tightness and dullness are some of the consequences you may face! In extreme cases and for the driest skin, roughness and flaking can occur.