Ice Source Ultra Moisturizing Mask


Hydration, freshness and comfort are guaranteed with this super-moisturizing mask, an SOS treatment specially formulated for all thirsty skin types looking for long-lasting rejuvenation! Skin is rehydrated and plumped, with a fresh, radiant complexion.

Its gel texture intensely infuses the skin so it never thirsts again, and delivers a fresh fragrance with invigorating marine notes.

  • 95% naturalness
  • made in France
  • vegan
  • yuka 79/100


  • 50ml

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A bath of hydration and freshness

replenishes the skin with water

intensely plumping and rehydrating

fresh, radiant complexion

smooth, fresh gel texture

fresh fragrance with marine notes

Ultra Moisturizing Mask contains three active ingredients with exceptional properties, specially selected to work in synergy to intensely rehydrate while offering radiance and comfort to all skin types, even sensitive. This fresh gel-textured mask infuses your skin cells and quenches thirsty skin.

The active ingredients

Iceberg Water

deep hydration of epidermal cells

increases skin elasticity

reduces sensitivities

refreshes and brightens

We've gone in search of the purest water, that of the Icebergs.
Collected in Canada from the icebergs that break off into the sea at the confluence of Hudson Strait and Dreviews Strait, opposite Greenland.
Devoid of any trace of pollution, the water from these icebergs is harvested in as natural a state as possible, and then encapsulated in liposomes using our specific know-how.
This encapsulation ensures that the water's properties are preserved, that it penetrates deeper into the epidermal cells, and that it diffuses over the long term for intense, long-lasting hydration.
This technology acts like intense hydration micro-patches.

Thalassiossira Antarctica

a micro-algae that grows at -3760 meters in the depths of polar fjords

to survive, it produces essential vitamins and fatty acids

restores up to 1/3 of the skin's moisture

Hyaluronic acid (high molecular weight)

hyaluronic acid capital" diminishes with age. Its production declines by 6% with each decade, leading to sagging skin and wrinkles.

This water "sponge", naturally present in our bodies, ensures that the skin is plump and the complexion fresh.

Thanks to its high molecular weight, our hyaluronic acid retains water on the skin's surface to maintain optimal hydration.


Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Agathe P. (Paris, France)
Ice Source Ultra Moisturizing Mask

Delighted with this product!
This mask deeply moisturizes the skin. After a few uses, I also find that the skin is plumped up.
Very pleasant scent.

Anna Orlova (Varennes-Vauzelles, France)
Ice Source Ultra Moisturizing Mask

This mask combines a sensation of intense freshness on the skin with deep, regenerating hydration.

ANNIE LOISSIER (Mezilles, France)
very good product

very well

Makes hands moisturized and crack-free

My hands are full of cracks because of my work. I apply the cream in the evening in a thick layer with gloves and the next day my hands are almost crack-free and moisturized.

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