Ice Source Ultra Moisturizing Mask


Hydration, freshness and comfort are guaranteed with this super hydrating mask, an SOS treatment designed for all thirsty skin that wants to recharge its batteries! Its gel texture intensely infuses the skin, so that it never feels thirsty again!

  • 95% naturalness
  • made in France
  • vegan
  • yuka 79/100


  • 50ml

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Ready for a hydrating and refreshing bath?

replenish the skin with water

plump up the face

fresh complexion

texture: fresh and creamy

marine fragrance for a fresh effect

The Ultra Moisturizing Mask contains three active ingredients with exceptional properties, specially selected to intensely quench the epidermis and offer radiance and comfort to all skin types!
This delicately scented mask infuses your skin, and acts like hydrating micro-patches to quench thirsty skin. It is suitable for all types of skin lacking moisture (dry, combination and even oily skin, which can also experience skin dehydration).

The active ingredients

Iceberg Water

better elasticity

decreased sensitivity

visibly brighter complexion

deep hydration of the epidermal cells

We went looking for the purest water, that of the Icebergs.
Collected in Canada from the icebergs that break off into the sea at the confluence of the Hudson Strait and the Davis Strait, opposite Greenland.
Free of any trace of pollution, the water from these icebergs is collected in the most natural state possible, and is then encapsulated in liposomes using our specific know-how.
This encapsulation guarantees the preservation of the water's properties as well as its penetration into the heart of the epidermal cells, for intense hydration.
A water that acts as a micro-patch of intense hydration.

Thalassiossira Antarctica

a micro-alga isolated at -3760 metres in the depths of the polar fjords

to survive, it produces essential vitamins and fatty acids

restores up to 1/3 of the skin's moisture

Hyaluronic acid

the "hyaluronic acid capital" decreases with age. Its production decreases by 6% with each decade, leading to skin slackening and wrinkles.

This sort of water "sponge", naturally present in our body, ensures the skin's plumpness and the freshness of the complexion.

Thanks to its high molecular weight, our hyaluronic acid retains water on the skin's surface to maintain optimal hydration.


Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
florence boutouyrie (Nice, France)
Very good

Very good, the skin feels very comfortable.
I would recommend

France (Nice, France)
a hydration bath!

a real pleasure: penetrates very easily, pleasant smell: the skin is revitalized
I love it!


Perfectly moisturises without any greasy effect and smells very good, very fresh


One more product from this wonderful brand. Good moisturiser, nice texture and soft, fresh smell. Top

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