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In this duo of masks, you will find the effectiveness of natural active ingredients from the polar world concentrated in sensorial textures that will make the application of these masks a real moment of pleasure. The Super Hydrating Mask Ice Sourcereplenishes the most thirsty skin with water. The Destressing Mask Polar Nightis a superhero that works at night, when the skin is more receptive to regeneration, for a baby-skin effect in the morning. For all dehydrated, devitalized skin lacking radiance.


This duo contains :

Polar Night De-Stressing Mask 50ml
Super Hydrating Mask Ice Source 50ml 

  • made in France
  • vegan

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Plumped, plumped, glowing skin!

plumps and rehydrates

detoxifies and brightens

smoothes features

In this duo of masks, you'll find the effectiveness of natural active ingredients from the polar world, concentrated in sensorial textures that make application a real pleasure. Ultra Moisturizing Mask intensely rehydrates thirsty skin for an immediate plumping effect. Masque Déstressant Polaar Night comes to the rescue of devitalized skin: it acts on the 4 dimensions of perfect skin, offering hydration, radiance, anti-aging and anti-imperfections.

The active ingredients

Iceberg Water (Ultra Moisturizing Mask)

deep hydration of epidermal cells

increases skin elasticity

reduces sensitivities

illuminates the complexion

We've gone in search of the purest water, that of the Icebergs. Collected in Canada from the icebergs that break off into the sea at the confluence of Hudson Strait and Dreviews Strait, opposite Greenland. Devoid of any trace of pollution, the water from these icebergs is harvested in as natural a state as possible, and then encapsulated in liposomes using our specific know-how. This encapsulation ensures that the water's properties are preserved, and that it penetrates deep into the epidermal cells for intense hydration. Water that acts like intense hydration micro-patches.

Rhodimenia Boréalia or Boreal Algae (De-stressing Mask)

stimulates cutaneous microcirculation

eliminates accumulated toxins

repairs damage to the skin

fight the signs of aging


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Gisselle Anderson

good quality but overpriced.

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