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First sun: how to protect yourself

The first beautiful days have arrived with spring, which is not to our displeasure! After months of cold and grey weather, we all want to spend more time outside, to take advantage of the lengthening days and the sun's rays to fill up on vitamin D! However, be careful not to overdo the sun exposure: even in spring, the skin remains vulnerable to UV radiation. Here are some tips on how to enjoy the benefits of the sun while protecting your skin effectively.

Can you tan with sun cream?

Summer is here, and with it, for many of you, a holiday in the sun! At the swimming pool or on the beach, you've probably already heard this refrain: "Oh, I don't wear sun cream because it prevents me from tanning". So, is it true or false? Does sunscreen really prevent you from getting a tan?

Do I have to wear sunscreen every day?

If the sun allows you to have a nice tan and a healthy glow, it is also responsible, in case of prolonged exposure without protection, for sunburn and skin dryness. In the long term, it accelerates cell aging, which results in wrinkles and fine lines that appear early and are more pronounced than on skin that is not exposed to the sun. So, should we put sunscreen on every day and opt for a year-round sun protection to preserve our skin to the maximum? We tell you everything in this article!