Can you tan with sunscreen?

Summer is here, and with it, for many of you, a vacation in the sun! At the pool or on the beach, you've probably already heard the refrain: "Oh me, I don't wear sunscreen because it prevents me from tanning". But is it true or false? Does sunscreen really prevent you from tanning? We untangle the truth from the false and take a look at the solutions that exist to help you tan without taking risks!

Tanning, sunscreen and UV rays

There are 3 types of ultraviolet: UVA, UVB and UVC. UVCs, blocked by the ozone layer, do not reach the Earth, while UVAs, with their longer wavelengths, can penetrate deep into the skin, causing loss of elasticity over time. As for UVBs , they're the ones that come into play when it comes to tanning. Under the action of the sun, the body reacts by activating a natural protection mechanism: melanocytes produce melanin, which rises to the surface of the epidermis and acts as a natural filter against the sun's rays. This colored pigment gives rise to a tan.

Yes, but here's the thing: your skin quickly reaches its limits when it comes to protection. Its ability to resist UV rays depends on a number of factors, including your phototype and theUV index of the day. A phototype 1 - which corresponds to white skin, light eyes and blond or red hair - burns in a few minutes, whereas a phototype V - brown complexion, black hair and eyes - will defend itself better against the sun and suffer few sunburn. However, there's no question of going without sunscreen, because the sun's harmful effects are real for everyone!

Whether your skin is fair or darker, it's essential to systematically apply a sun cream that protects your skin from UV rays. Whether it's a lotion, cream, fluid, spray or tube, always having an index 50 sun care product to hand is an excellent beauty reflex if you want to avoid sunburn and keep your skin looking young and even over time.

Why is using sunscreen so important?

No sunscreen can block 100% of the sun's rays, which is why the term " sunblock " has been banned. A sun care product with a high protection factor such as SPF50+ will not prevent you from tanning, but will enable you to build up a gradual, more beautiful and longer-lasting tan, in complete safety. What's more, sunscreen doesn't just protect you from sunburn. It also works to preserve the beauty and integrity of your skin over the long term. You should know that :

  1. - UV rays cause oxidative stress that is harmful to the skin. Unprotected skin cells will experience premature aging: your face will tend to wrinkle and lose its firmness before its time.

  2. - They can also be responsible for brown spots, linked to hyperpigmentation. Also known as "solar lentigos", these spots often appear on the face, décolleté, shoulders and hands. They pose an aesthetic problem, and are generally difficult to get rid of.

  3. - Finally, long and repeated exposure to the sun, without sufficient sun protection, can promote skin cancer such as melanoma.

As you can see, not using sunscreen to tan faster is a very bad idea...

Our suncare products to protect your skin... and tan at the same time!

Let's face it: applying sun cream isn't always pleasant. A product that doesn't spread well, leaves white streaks or is greasy and sticky isn't exactly an incentive to apply it religiously before each exposure to the sun. It was with these issues in mind that we created the Polaar Sun range. Our formulas have all been tested under extreme conditions, during polar expeditions: it's in the Arctic Circle that reverberation is strongest and the ozone layer thinnest. You can count on these water-resistant sun care products to protect your skin from UV rays and to penetrate easily without leaving a greasy film. Let's make the introductions!

Our ultra-high protection, fragrance-free sun creams are ideal for sensitive skin.

Sensitive skin and sunscreen don't always mix... For the most fragile skin types, which tend to react to the slightest prolonged exposure, we have created fragrance- and alcohol-free protective products for maximum tolerance.

The fragrance-free Sun Care Face Fluid SPF50+ is enriched with Aloe Vera and Coconut extract to moisturize and soothe, and Oatmeal extract to prevent skin aging. Fragrance-free and alcohol-free, it's suitable for all skin types.

This very pleasant skin care product is also available in a Sun Milk version for face and body, still fragrance-free, to care for the fragile, intolerant skin of adults and children aged 3 and over.

SPF50+ Fragrance-free Sun Stick

To protect certain areas that are particularly sensitive to UV rays, such as lips, nose wings, moles or scars, we've created a clever, practical sun stick to keep in your handbag or beach bag at all times! In a single gesture, its invisible, non-greasy texture provides effective protection before exposure to the sun. Shea butter, coconut oil and castor oil nourish your skin naturally and effectively.

Take advantage of the SPF50+ suncare kit in travel size, so you can carry everything in your handbag or beach bag without having to pack too much: new SPF50+ suncare stick and SPF50+ suncare face fluid in 20ml format for all skin types, even the most sensitive or intolerant.

These suncare products will be your best allies for enjoying the sunny days in complete safety, without compromising on sensoriality.

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