How to care for your skin after sunburn?

Exposure to the sun without sunscreen, or with insufficient protection, and the verdict is in: sunburn. Painful and unsightly, they are experienced as a real aggression by the epidermis, which finds its defenses undermined. So how do you take care of your skin and treat sunburn? Polaar shows you how!

How does sunburn happen?

It's sometimes tempting to expose yourself without sunscreen: because you don't plan to be outside for long, because you think there'll be shade, because the sun is cloudy today...there are plenty of (bad) reasons to skip out on SPF protection! On the other hand, it's perfectly possible to have the sun cream reflex, but apply it in haste, forgetting certain areas or applying too little product to be really protected. In both cases, sunburn - also known as actinic erythema in the jargon - can quickly call you to order and spoil your vacation.

Solar radiation is made up of different types of ultraviolet rays: UVA, UVB and UVC - normally blocked by the ozone layer. It is UVB, which accounts for only 5% of UV rays, that is responsible for skin burns. A distinction is made between first-degree sunburn (the skin becomes red and sensitive, with sensations of overheating), second-degree sunburn (the redness of the skin is accompanied by blistering a few hours after exposure), and deep second-degree sunburn: in extreme cases, the blisters leave scars. In most cases, sunburn causes desquamation (peeling skin), which fades after a few days.

The initial aim is simple: to soothe and relieve the skin, helping it to repair itself while reducing pain.

How to treat sunburn?

If the burn is severe and covers a large area of your body, if blisters are present, if the sunburn is accompanied by other symptoms (nausea, headaches, fever...), you may also be suffering from sunstroke. In this case, it's best to consult a doctor, who will prescribe the appropriate treatment and point you in the direction of specific skin-healing products available in pharmacies.

If the burn is superficial, you can calm the heating sensation with a few simple gestures:

  • Run cold water (between 15° and 25°) over the burned area to cool the skin.

  • Don't forget to drink plenty of water to rehydrate your body.

  • If you have Aloe Vera to hand, don't hesitate to use it: thanks to its amino acids and anti-inflammatory enzymes, this plant is unrivalled for accelerating the healing of sunburn.

  • Apply an after-sun moisturizer to relieve inflammation and help the skin regenerate. Your battered epidermis needs softness and cocooning textures to repair itself, like the skincare products in the The Genuine Lapland Cream range.
  • Avoid scratching or tearing off the peeling skin, and let the skin breathe as much as possible. Blisters should not be punctured to avoid infection.

  • Avoid camouflaging the damage with make-up, which increases the risk of infection and allergic reaction.

  • Of course, stay in the shade and don't re-expose yourself to the sun until the redness has completely disappeared.

Cocooning care to soothe sunburn

To soothe overheated skin, Face and Sensitive Areas Cream The Genuine Lapland Cream is a precious ally! With 95% natural ingredients, this skincare product in its iconic little red box is one of our best-sellers. It contains exceptional active ingredients derived from the ancestral beauty secrets of Lappish women: Arctic Berries.

Raspberries, cloudberries and Arctic Cranberry thrive in a cold, hostile environment and are bursting with antioxidants, vitamins A, C and E, and Omega 3 and 6 that nourish, protect and repair the epidermis. We've combined them with vegetable oils (olive, sweet almond and macadamia) and shea butter, which work in synergy to soften and regenerate the skin. This ointment, with its enveloping texture and subtle fragrance, is so gentle it's even suitable for children. It can be used on the face, body or dry areas (heels, elbows...). In fact, it is particularly recommended in cases of darting, psoriasis or eczema. This magical treatment, available in 50 or 100ml, is a must-have for summer and winter alike!

Another format, same efficiency: discover our new Moisturizing Body Milk The Genuine Lapland Cream. Its fluid texture penetrates instantly, leaving no greasy or sticky residue. From the very first application, it nourishes and protects all skin types. Day after day, it prolongs your tan and helps keep your skin luminous and well-nourished.

Its 200ml tube is perfect for family use, and will accompany you all year round to protect skin weakened by the sun, wind, cold and dry skin in general.

Even if certain remedies are highly effective in treating sunburn and making you forget it quickly, don't forget that the best treatment lies in prevention: a sun care product (oil, cream, mist, milk, etc.) with a high protection factor (SFP30, 50 or 50+), applied conscientiously and regularly, will spare you all its inconveniences. All the more so as the sun doesn't just burn your skin, it also weakens it over the long term, producing effects on your body and your health that should be avoided at all costs: brown spots, premature skin ageing (wrinkles, loss of firmness...), skin cancer... This is a good reason to always keep your bottle of cream close at hand!

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