How to choose the right sunscreen for your face?

Summer means vacations, beach, sun and...sun protection! A skincare product that's not always easy to choose from the plethora of products on the market. So how do you choose the right sun cream to protect your face and get a beautiful, natural, long-lasting tan? Polaar tells you all!

Sunscreen, an essential skincare product

Using a high-protection sun cream can put some people off: we're all familiar with pasty textures that spread poorly, leaving a greasy, sticky film and a whitish, sink-like complexion!


Suncare products have also been among the most criticized cosmetic products in recent years: their impact on the environment and on health is real for many brands. Endocrine disruptors, substances in sunscreens that are toxic to humans and the aquatic environment, allergens, nanoparticles... The list of harmful ingredients to avoid is growing, and choosing your sunscreen is becoming a headache.


A hat and sunglasses are not enough, whatever your phototype (milky skin with freckles, fair, brown to matte, mixed race or black...). Whether it's a spray, a pump bottle, a tube, a milk, an oil, a gel or a mist, the application of a sun care product is essential before every exposure. There are several reasons for this:



  • To protect your body and face from the sun's harmful UVA-UVB rays. Sunscreen is the only way to limit the risk of skin cancers: carcinomas, but also melanomas, which are the most invasive.

  • To avoid sunburn: unsightly and painful, sunburns are experienced by the skin as an aggression, which in response starts to redden, dry out and peel... Sunburn can quickly spoil your vacation, so be sure to use the sun protection reflex from the very first exposure, with an SPF high enough not to burn.

  • To delay skin aging: it's proven that the sun prematurely ages the skin, accelerating the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and loss of firmness. Applying a sun cream is a good reflex to include in your anti-aging beauty routine!

  • To avoid pigmentation spots: skin exposed to the sun without protection tends to develop brown spots. Under the action of the sun, the body produces more melanin. Without effective protection, after prolonged exposure, the skin can become marked with spots, also known as lentigos. This hyperpigmentation is often accentuated by hormonal variations (e.g. pregnancy), the use of certain medications, or the presence of skin imperfections (pimples, scars, etc.) that turn brown under the action of UV rays. What's more, they are difficult to eliminate: better safe than sorry!

  • For a long-lasting long-lasting tan. No, high-protection sunscreen doesn't prevent you from tanning! On the contrary, it gradually builds up a natural tan that lasts longer.


How do I apply sun cream?

Before each exposure, apply your sun protection to your face or exposed areas, and reapply it every two hours or after each swim if it's not waterproof. Ditto if you've sweated or wiped yourself: you'll have to go back to the creaming stage! And don't forget fragile areas that mark easily, such as around the mouth or eyes.


And of course, avoid exposure during the hottest hours (between 11am and 4pm), wear sunglasses and a hat to protect your head, and stay in the shade whenever possible. And don't forget to protect other family members with special skin care products: children and babies are even more vulnerable to the sun than you are.

How to choose the right sunscreen for your face?

Choosing an effective sun cream that offers optimum protection without sacrificing the pleasure of use can sometimes be a real challenge! We're sure you've all had experience of skincare products that leave a white, greasy, sticky film on the skin, which is neither glamorous nor comfortable.

It is with these issues in mind that we have developed our range of Polaar Sun range of natural skin care products adapted to every skin type. Ideal for all seasons: summer, of course, but also winter, since all our products have been tested and approved in the extreme conditions of the Arctic, during our polar expeditions.

For optimum protection, they contain a high-performance multi-filter complex:

  • Broad-spectrum organic filters that absorb the sun's rays while remaining stable over time.

  • Mineral screens of natural origin: these pigments act like a mirror, reflecting UV rays.

You'll find this highly effective multi-filter complex in every product in the POLAAR SUN range:

Lightweight, non-greasy Sun Care Face Fluid SPF50+ protects against free radicals to prevent skin aging. Formulated without fragrance or alcohol, it is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive or intolerant. What's more, it's water-resistant!

The SPF50+ sun stick with its invisible, non-greasy texture is easy to apply and guarantees protection for sensitive areas from the sun's rays (lips, sides of the nose, scars).

Don't want to weigh yourself down? Discover our SPF50+ Face and Body Milk, which effectively protects against UVA and UVB rays while moisturizing and soothing the skin. Its light, non-greasy texture leaves no white marks!

For those who want to travel light, find our sun stick and our 20ml face fluid in our SPF50+ Sun Kit.

All the products in our sun care range are enriched with beneficial natural active ingredients: Coconut extract and Aloe Vera to soften, moisturize and soothe the skin, as well as Oat Grain extract, selected for its anti-aging and healing action.


Protecting the environment has always been one of our top priorities, which is why our high-protection products come in a recyclable tube made from biosourced plastic. They contain no parabens, phenoxyethanol or alcohol. As with all Polaar skincare products, ingredients are selected and harvested in a sustainable and ethical manner.


To moisturize your skin after exposure to the sun, consider our skin care product The Genuine Lapland Cream with three Arctic Berries, which protects, repairs and nourishes skin lacking in moisture - a balm so gentle it can be used by the whole family, all year round!