7 ways to take care of your hands

Hands are among the areas of the body most exposed to external aggression, whatever the season. They are exposed to cold winter temperatures, UV rays on sunny days, frequent contact with household products (washing-up liquid, detergents...) and frequent daily washing (with soap and water, or hydro-alcoholic gel). So it's hardly surprising that, without appropriate care, they tend to become dry and uncomfortable. The consequences of this dehydration are very real: tightness sets in, sometimes accompanied by redness and irritation, and the skin loses its natural radiance and suppleness. In the most extreme cases, skin dryness can lead to chapping and cracking: hands are damaged and painful!

To avoid these extremes, we've come up with 7 simple ways to take care of your hands on a daily basis and keep your skin nourished and healthy. Your hands are always beautiful!

Protect your hands in winter and summer

The key to beautiful hands is to protect them! Wind, cold and sun all weaken the skin and dry out hands, which are exposed to the elements all year round. To protect them from the vagaries of the weather, remember to put on a pair of gloves as soon as you go outside in winter, and to protect them with sun cream - in the same way as your face and the rest of your body - when you sunbathe in summer. In this way, you'll preserve the hydrolipidic film, the skin's natural barrier, whose role is to retain moisture. A good sunscreen product will also protect you from pigmented spots - the famous brown spots that invade the epidermis with age, and which we could do without!

Wear gloves for household chores

And don't forget to use gloves when you're doing the housework. Water and cleaning products, which often contain irritating substances, are the enemy of beautiful hands, drying them out mercilessly. Avoid touching these products with bare hands to preserve their beauty.

Wash your hands with mild products...

In these epidemic times, we tend to wash our hands more often, either with soap, or with hydroalcoholic gel when we don't have a water point at hand. This is a very good barrier habit, but it's also a reflex that can quickly lead to drier hands. Water (especially if it's chalky or very hot) can attack the hydrolipidic film, which has difficulty in playing its role as a protective barrier and preventing dehydration.

Similarly, the alcohol in hydroalcoholic gels irritates the epidermis and dries hands if used frequently.

The solution? Opt for gentle care products: a Extra Rich Soap enriched with vegetable oils (Olive, Argan, Sweet Almond, etc.) or Shea butter to cleanse and nourish the skin in a single step, unlike conventional soaps which tend to dry out the skin. The latter contain soda, giving them an alkaline pH, whereas the skin's pH is acidic. As a result, they have a detergent effect, which irritates the hands. They also usually contain sulfates, which enable them to lather well but irritate the skin. All the more reason to turn to hygiene products with natural, skin-friendly formulas!

As for hydroalcoholic gels, opt for formulas enriched with softening agents, such as aloe vera, to counterbalance their drying properties, and limit their use wherever possible.

...and wipe them clean

After each wash, gently wipe your hands with a soft towel to remove every drop of water. Sponge well between your fingers, and avoid automatic hand dryers, which increase dehydration.

Daily moisturizing

To prevent the onset of dry skin and repair damaged hands, there's nothing like a hand cream that restores moisture to the skin, leaving it soft and supple. You need a multi-functional skin care product that protects, repairs, moisturizes and nourishes all at once.

Our Hand Cream The Genuine Lapland Cream prevents skin dryness, and treats hands damaged by chapping and cracking. Its ultra-soft, fluid texture envelops hands like a protective balm, protecting them for 24 hours. This repair cream penetrates quickly, with no greasy residue, to soothe dry hands. Its light fragrance will enchant you for a true moment of cocooning.

Our advice? Leave it near the sink to use after every handwash, and slip it into your bag to apply whenever you feel the need. Its moisturizing and repairing action also works wonders on nails: massage cuticles with a small amount of product to nourish them and stimulate nail growth.

This care product will quickly become a must-have and a perfect ally for protecting and beautifying dry hands.

Choosing the right hand cream The active ingredients

There are many hand care products available on the market, but not all are created equal! We advise you to opt for skin care products with natural formulas, which are gentler on the skin and more effective. At Polaar, our hand cream is based on exceptional polar active ingredients: Arctic Berries (Raspberries, Arctic Cranberry and Blackberries). These small berries thrive in the Far North, in harsh climatic conditions. To combat this unfavorable weather, they have developed extraordinary properties. The Arctic raspberry, considered the noblest berry in the Nordic countries, is nourishing, while the bilberry and blackberry are packed with vitamins and antioxidants that repair and protect the skin. Arctic Berries is cold-extracted by cryogenics (-28°C) to preserve its incredible properties and pass them on to you in our hand cream.

For even greater effectiveness, the formula is rounded out by tworepairing ingredients: Olive oil and Shea butter, two active ingredients long recognized for their ability to gently moisturize.

With 96% natural ingredients, this Hand Cream contains no parabens, phenoxyethanol, alcohol or mineral oil, for the most natural formula possible. It is also vegan, in line with our commitment to respect for the environment and animals.

Good to know: the The Genuine Lapland Cream range also includes a Face and Sensitive Areas Cream, a Lip Balm and a Moisturizing Body Milk, so dry skin can enjoy the benefits of Arctic Berries from head to toe! For a complete beauty routine focused onhydration and comfort, consider the Polaar gift sets.

Exfoliate and massage your hands

Finally, remember to treat your hands to a little extra from time to time: a scrub once or twice a week, using a gentle, grain-free exfoliant, will rid your hands of dead cells for greater radiance and beauty.

To stimulate circulation and relieve tension, treat your overworked hands to a massage at the salon or at home. Our Hand Cream is perfect for this: take a small amount of product, start by massaging the fingertips and work your way down towards the inside of the palm to relax the muscles and soften the skin. All that's left to do is enjoy this guaranteed moment of relaxation!

By now, you know all the tips you need to look after your hands, whatever the season. Your credo: Protect - nourish - repair with simple gestures and effective creams to relieve damaged hands.

All skin types will find a face or body cream in the Polaar range to meet their needs (moisturizing, nourishing, anti-aging, radiance-enhancing...) for a well-nourished, radiant complexion day after day. Discover our full range of skin care products, with natural formulas that respect the skin and the environment, for your ideal beauty routine, whatever the season!