Natural, green and eco-designed: discover the POLAAR MEN range!

Tired of your man stealing your Polaar products (like your Polar Night Cream or your IcyMagic Roll-on?) well TADAM! we've decided to pamper men too! With natural skincare products, recycled and recyclable packaging, FSC, made in France, vegan... in short, all good for their skin and for the planet!

In 2021, the Polaar Men range offers new formulas, new packaging and new scents! This new 2.0 range for men is all about naturalness: more than ever, we've opted for natural formulations and eco-designed packaging, in keeping with the environmental charter that has always guided our product creations. Follow us as we present these new products!

New Polaar Men care products for a complete beauty routine

The new Polaar Men range range includes hygiene products (deodorant, shower gel, soap) and face creams (moisturizer, anti-aging cream and eye contour cream) to care for men's skin from head to toe.

Focus on the new Polaar Men body care range 

Because we know you don't always have a lot of time to devote to your beauty routine, we've created 3-in-1 products for men's face, body and hair.

Such is the case with our Douche Scandinave, a cleansing gel that eliminates toxins and purifies skin cells in a single step. The product's star ingredient, Arctic Lichen, is a small, bushy shrub capable of withstanding extreme temperature variations (up to 70°). Harvested in the hostile lands of Iceland, this polar plant is well known for its purifying properties, and has been since Viking times! Its anti-microbial and immuno-stimulant properties make it a choice ingredient for this invigorating and invigorating shower gel. Unlike many shower gels, it is perfectly suited to use on the face, leaving skin clean, purified and protected. Its fresh, spicy, woody fragrance is much appreciated by gentlemen. A single product to gently cleanse body, face and hair - a real time-saver in the morning!

Arctic lichen is also the star ingredient in our Polaar Men Scandinavian Soap, another 100% ecological cleanser. This product for men is both economical and zero-waste: it contains no water and its packaging is reduced to the strict minimum. It can be used on the body, face and hair, making it a practical multi-purpose product. You no longer need to invest in three different care products - your wallet and the planet thank you! This soap is suitable for all skin types, but is particularly effective on dry skin, where it gently cleanses without accentuating dryness or discomfort.

Finally, Déo du Trappeur solid deodorant, with its 95% natural ingredients, completes our range of men's body care products. Free from aluminum salts, it contains Arctic Lichen for healthy, fresh armpits all day long.


Focus on the new crèface creations

After cleansing, continue caring for your face with Crème de l'Extrême, a moisturizing aftershave gel that soothes the skin after shaving and helps it heal. This fluid brings radiance and regeneration to the skin thanks to the presence ofSiberian Olive - the berries of this shrub, classified at the time as secret defense by the former USSR, are bursting with nutrients and contain 30 times more vitamin C than an orange. Powerful ingredients of natural origin to combat free radicals, photoaging and dehydration, which have already proved their worth in the Northern Light range, designed for faces lacking radiance.

Skin showing the first signs of aging will be enchanted by our Anti-Aging Ice Cream: a day/night moisturizer containing polar peptides to stimulate fibroblasts and restore suppleness and youthfulness to the skin. This matte-finish anti-wrinkle cream boosts the hydration of men's skin and protects it from everyday aggressions (cold, stress, pollution...) that damage skin tissue. With 98% natural ingredients, it will quickly become a must-have for all tired, stressed epidermis lacking firmness and radiance.

As you know, the eye contour area is very fragile. The skin there is very thin - 3 to 5 times thinner than on the rest of the face - and wrinkles with every blink of the eyelid or facial expression. That's why we've created a specific moisturizing treatment, Icy looks eye contour for men, which acts on dark circles, puffiness and wrinkles. This cream with its melting texture lifts the eyes and firms the epidermis thanks to the presence of a magical active ingredient, Siberian Ginseng. This root, highly concentrated in micronutrients, stimulates the body to boost its resistance, and helps the skin to fight against everyday aggressions.

A new eco-designed range

Polaar has always been committed to preserving the environment. Our products are designed and manufactured in France according to a strict ethical charter, which has governed the development of the brand since its creation. Our precious polar active ingredients, such asSiberian Olive and Arctic Berries, the flagship active ingredients of the The Genuine Lapland Cream range, are grown and harvested in a sustainable way. We have banned ingredients of animal origin from all our formulations, to offer you 100% vegan skincare products that are as natural as possible. All the products in the new men's range contain between 96% and 100% ingredients of natural origin.

The new Polaar Men range was an opportunity to take this eco-friendly approach a step further. Wherever possible, we've opted for multi-functional products that make daily life easier and reduce waste. But also, and for the first time, on solid care products, like our Scandinavian Soap, with its minimalist packaging, formulated without water. We have reworked all our packaging to keep it to a minimum, and above all to make it 100% recyclable

Too much packaging for skincare products uses different materials, making it impossible to recycle. We have given preference to single-material plastics to promote recyclability, and since last year we have also been using biosourced plastics, as for our SPF50+ sun cream whose tube is made from cane sugar. All products Polaar Men tubes are made from recycled materials, so they can be easily recycled in the recycling garbage can!

Our packaging materials, also reduced to the strict minimum, are sourced from sustainably managed forests and can be disposed of in a recycling garbage can. Recycling information and tips are clearly indicated on this site for each product!

At Polaar, there's no compromise between effectiveness, naturalness and sensoriality, for our men's line as for all our creams. So let yourself be seduced by our new men's skin care range !