Face masks: choosing the right moisturizing mask

Day or night, adopting a moisturizing routine for your face is an essential gesture. As a rich cream, fluid or serum, you're used to taking care of your skin, to protect it from premature aging and daily aggressions (such as pollution, cold, wind, heating in winter, stripping soaps, baths...). However, even if moisturizing is a woman's first need, these daily treatments aren't always enough, and you'd like to give your skin an extra dose of hydration, to boost its radiance and leave it feeling comfortable. That's where moisturizing face masks come in, helping to revitalize your skin and chase away that dull complexion that makes you look tired. Discover all Polaar's tips for choosing the moisturizing mask your skin needs.

Why apply a moisturizing mask?

The body is composed mainly of water (65%). The face is an area of the body that is highly exposed to external aggressors. It bears the full brunt of pollution, stress, cold and wind, as well as the sun's UVA and UVB rays, which can weaken your epidermis. Your skin becomes dehydrated, resulting in a duller complexion and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Lack of moisture is a skin problem that can affect all skin types, not just dry skin. In fact, dry skin lacks lipids, and therefore fatty agents, while dehydrated skin cruelly lacks water. All skin types are therefore liable to become dehydrated at some point (for a few days, a few weeks or when the season changes).

A genuine customized skin care product, a face mask is capable of responding to every skin problem. A moisturizing face mask is a serious ally in your quest for a beautiful complexion: it restores the skin's moisture balance and replenishes the hydrolipidic film, which has been badly damaged by external aggression. The hydrolipidic film acts like a shield for your skin, protecting it from bacteria, impurities and external aggressions, preventing dryness and regulating moisture levels.

However, it's impossible for it to play its protective role and not let the water in the epidermis escape if its balance is upset: so you need to give it a helping hand by providing a concentrate of hydration. Moisturizing face masks are the ideal complement to your day and night creams. All you need to do is choose the right mask for your skin, and focus on The active ingredients .


How to choose the right moisturizing face mask?


The purer, more effective and carefully selected The active ingredients are, the more effective your product will be, and the longer it will be able to replenish your skin. What if all it took was exceptionally pure water to create skin care products with real moisturizing powers?

That's why at Polaar, we've put our faith in an extraordinary active ingredient: Iceberg Water, the flagship ingredient in our face care range. Ice Source. Our intelligent mask Ultra Moisturizing Maskis packed with water for even the thirstiest skin.

Eau d'Iceberg is a rare, ultra-pure active ingredient, ideal for intensely nourishing, re-oxygenating and plumping the epidermis. This exceptional ingredient is found in the enchanting scenery of polar glaciers - a pristine environment untouched by pollution. On the skin, Eau d'Iceberg brings improved elasticity, reduced sensitivity and a visibly brighter complexion.

As with all the precious active ingredients selected by Polaar, we take the greatest care in harvesting it, respecting the landscape, flora and fauna. Iceberg Water is collected in Canada, where icebergs break off and run aground between Hudson Strait and Dreviews Strait, opposite Greenland. It's at this point, before they naturally melt, that we collect it.

Iceberg Water is a super-ingredient: this rare and precious water is incorporated into our skincare range thanks to a unique process, specially developed by our teams. We encapsulate Iceberg Water in liposomes to preserve all its benefits. Liposomes are small, spherical particles that transport Iceberg Water across cell membranes. In this way, the exceptional benefits of this active ingredient are fully restored to your skin, reaching the heart of the epidermis, and diffusing over the long term for long-lasting hydration.

Encapsulated Iceberg Water then acts like micro-patches of intense hydration. Combined with nourishing, protective Thalassiosira Antartica micro-algae and high-molecular Hyaluronic Acid, skin is plumped and visibly moisturized.

How to enjoy the benefits of your moisturizing mask

To reap the full benefits of Ultra Moisturizing Mask, we recommend applying it once or twice a week to perfectly cleansed skin.

You can use an exfoliant beforehand, such as ICE PURE Scrub, to remove dead cells and impurities and promote skin care penetration. This will also boost skin microcirculation.

Apply the mask in a thick layer, leave on for ten minutes or so, and enjoy the fresh effect of its gel texture for a unique sensorial experience.

A truly relaxing moment is yours: the mask infuses your skin, deeply moisturizing the epidermal layers. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.

From the very first application, the little inconveniences associated with lack of hydration disappear: no more tightness, roughness or discomfort... Your skin is replenished, plumped, silkier and more luminous!

Ice Source Super Hydrating Mask is dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

Looking for an ultra-moisturizing beauty routine?

For a complete routine focused on hydration and comfort, consider applying one of our two creams from the Ice Source range in addition to your mask.

Moisturizing Jelly Ice Source (for combination and oily skin) or Moisturizing Cream Ice Source (for normal to dry skin) are two gifted face care products rich in Iceberg Water. For skin that's softer, full of vitality and comfortable in every season.

And when your skin lacks vitality, remember to adopt a stricter lifestyle: drink plenty of water, limit short nights, avoid alcohol, cigarettes and prolonged exposure to the sun. And don't forget to eat a diet rich in antioxidants, nutrients and vitamins, to protect sensitized or dehydrated skin from free radicals. With a healthier epidermis, well armed with a moisturizing mask, say goodbye to daily sensations of discomfort!