Deeply regenerate your skin overnight

The night is the most propitious time for the body to regenerate itself: to evacuate stress, strengthen your immune system, restore nerve cells... You're at rest, but your body is undergoing a period of intense activity. And your skin is no exception, since skin cell renewal increases when you sleep. Take advantage of your sleep to help it regenerate with targeted products, and wake up with a fresh, youthful complexion!

Night, the ideal time to boost your skin

It's during the night, when you're asleep, that the most favorable conditions for cell renewal come together. Your body is at rest, and your skin is not exposed to any external aggression: no cold, no UV rays. This quiet time is conducive to skin regeneration. Skin regeneration mechanisms are activated from 11pm onwards, reaching their peak around 1am. It's easy to see why night owls and regular victims of jet lag often look like papier-mâché!

While you sleep, cells renew themselves about 3 times faster than during the day, blood circulation increases and pores open to evacuate toxins accumulated during the day.

From the age of 25-30, unfortunately, nocturnal cell renewal becomes less efficient. It's at this age that the first wrinkles appear: first fine lines that settle on the finest, most fragile areas of the face (the eye contour, for example) and then intensify to mark the forehead and mouth. At the same time, the oval of the face loses its density, leaving the skin less supple and less firm.

As time goes by, you can choose to give your skin a boost by helping it to regenerate more effectively. Our Polar Night skincare products have been specially formulated to help skin cells renew themselves while you sleep.

Which cosmetic products are best for deeply regenerating the skin?

At night, the skin's needs are specific, and your day cream won't be the most appropriate to meet them. You need a special skincare routine , with active ingredients capable of accelerating cell renewal, such as fruit acids or certain vegetable oils: avocado, borage or argan vegetable oils to name but a few.

At Polaar, our revitalizing skin care products are based on a little-known plant with extraordinary regenerative effects: Rhodimenia Borealia. Spotted during our Arctic expeditions, this mysterious boreal algae thrives in the depths of the polar oceans, where life is scarce. Under the influence of the moon, it synthesizes high levels of phytomelatonin.

What's phytomelatonin? Quite simply, it's the plant version of melatonin, the "sleep hormone" that also stimulates the skin's antioxidant defenses and repairs cellular damage while you sleep. Macerated, clarified and then cold-filtered, we've incorporated this seaweed extract into our Polaar Night skincare products to give you all its benefits.

The first step in helping your skin regenerate is, of course, to remove make-up and cleanse it thoroughly. This is essential to remove all the impurities that have settled in during the day: dust, make-up, pollution... Free your pores from all the particles that can clog them. Clean skin is more receptive to the skincare products you apply afterwards. In fact, once or twice a week, you can give your skin a thorough cleansing with an exfoliating treatment such as Exfoliating Powder Pureté Arctique , which removes dead skin cells for a more radiant complexion. Its gentle formula is suitable for all skin types, even sensitive.

Is your face perfectly cleansed? We recommend that you then apply Polar NightRevitalizing Elixir to your skin. With 99% natural ingredients, this anti-aging serum helps fight the signs of skin aging while you sleep. Boreal Algae Organic red micro-algae and organic sea fennel work in synergy to smooth skin, firm it and protect it from damage. Simply take a small amount of product from the measuring pipette, warm it in your hands and apply to face and neck before going to bed. Its dry oil texture moisturizes, nourishes and comforts skin lacking vitality.

La Revitalizing Cream is one of our best-sellers, and ideally complements the action of the Elixir. The Boreal Algae - with which you are familiar by now - and Eau d'Immortelle, rich in beta-endorphins and essential nutritional elements, eliminate toxins and recharge the skin with oxygen. The creamy texture and bewitching fragrance of this treatment are a true invitation to relaxation. Take the opportunity to give your skin a little massage as you apply it: start at the cheeks and make slow, upward movements from the center of the face outwards, for a lifting effect. This treatment penetrates quickly, leaving no greasy residue on the face. When you wake up in the morning, your features are smoother, your skin more supple, fresher and younger-looking. And its effectiveness is visible from the moment you wake up!

Two or three times a week, pull out all the stops with the De-Stressing Mask Polaar Night, a magical mask withBoreal Algae, Silicium and Hyaluronic Acid. Used in place of your usual night care, it combats oxidative stress and acts on the main problems of skin lacking vitality: hydration, radiance, signs of ageing and imperfections. Particularly stressed, devitalized or dehydrated skin can also use it as a cure over several days to reap its incredible benefits.

Regenerating your face while you sleep is great, but taking advantage of this opportunity to regenerate the skin all over your body is even better! The Polaar Night range also contains a Moisturizing Body Milk for 24-hour intense hydration. A veil of softness for the skin and the senses!

The Polaar Night skincare range contains between 95 and 99% natural ingredients. Like all our products, they are vegan and made in France.