Artic lichen

Land of fire, land of ice: that's what we call Iceland, a small island swept by the winds of the North Atlantic. Despite its apparent hostility, it's teeming with exceptional plants, including the Arctic Lichen. The Arctic Lichen is a small, bushy shrub capable of withstanding severe drought and wide temperature variations (70°). Thanks to its anti-microbial and immuno-stimulant properties, it helps detoxify and purify epidermal cells. Skin is regenerated and intensely moisturized, and the epidermal barrier is strengthened.

polaar expertise

Well-known since Viking times for its purifying properties, Artic Lichen is used in our Polaar Men range to stimulate and tone the skin.

The benefits







Thanks to its antimicrobial and immunostimulant properties, it detoxifies and purifies epidermal cells.

Purifying properties to stimulate and tone the skin.

Emollient, moisturizing and protective properties.