White pine

Nicknamed the "King" of trees, the White Pine lives in the boreal forests. This majestic, light-seeking tree dominates the forest with an average height of 30 m, making it the tallest tree in Eastern Canada.
Its skin-like bark is particularly rich in bioactive elements. In particular, it enables the White Pine to resist external aggression in extreme environmental conditions.

polaar expertise

- To respect and preserve this legendary tree, we use an extract of its bark, which is upcycled and sustainably harvested.
- After extraction, the bark is used to produce energy or composted and returned to the soil, where it helps other plants to grow.

The benefits


Reduces stains


Illuminates and brightens


Evens skin tone

White Pine acts on 3 different skin parameters* for overall effectiveness on even skin tone

The complexion is clarified, luminous and even, with immaculate transparency, like snow.

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