Discovering cryotherapy

Cold ahead!

The cold always manages to be at the center of all discussions. Friend, foe... We break the ice and tell you all about it!

It's true that the cold weather forces us to dig out our scarves from the closet and bundle up to set foot outside, but it's also much appreciated, and for good reason: as well as being synonymous with a truly cocooning moment by the fireside, it can be transformed into a veritable beauty assistant!

It firms the skin, promotes microcirculation, reduces pain, flushes out microbes, tightens pores, reduces dark circles - in short, it makes you look good!

In fact, Polaar skincare products are composed of natural active ingredients and plants that give our products their characteristic freshness. These active ingredients come from the Nordic countries. Where it's cold. They have "cryotactile" qualities. In other words, the sensation of cold on your skin is immediate as soon as you apply a treatment. The skin is instantly energized and invigorated, regaining its natural radiance.

Yes, ladies, as you can see, the cold is not our enemy! As long as you keep your skin well moisturized at the same time, otherwise, watch out for chapping! It also has undeniable therapeutic virtues.

How does it work? It forces the body to work harder to stay warm, and encourages blood circulation. It stimulates vasoconstriction (reduction in the diameter of blood vessels) and enhances the penetration of cosmetic active ingredients. Cold slows down the activity of viruses and combats skin slackening.

Lots of information... and the result? A slimming ally with toning and decongesting effects!

Cold at home

You're not the only one the cold can protect.

No more hiding in the fridge to keep your cosmetics cool. Yes, for those who didn't know, eye care products and skin masks are best kept at very low temperatures to maximize their effects.

Bathrooms are too damp to store these products, so they often end up next to the vegetables.

It's true, the cold is good for you. It protects you... and your care.