Oily, acne-prone skin: which sun cream should I choose?

When we think of sun creams, we often think of those white, greasy, sticky textures that leave a shiny film on the skin. Oily, acne-prone skin suffering from excess sebum can be tempted to skip sunscreens to avoid aggravating the problem - which is never a good idea! Today, we explain how to choose the right anti-UV skin care product to spend the summer with beautiful, protected, matte skin.

Oily skin and the sun

Oily skin suffers from hyperseborrhea: sebum, the oily substance that coats the face to protect it from external aggression, is secreted in excessive quantities by the sebaceous glands. As a result, the skin is shiny, difficult to mattify and often covered with imperfections. Pores are more dilated and easily clogged, giving rise to blackheads and comedones, while redness, white pimples and even acne can invade the epidermis. The problem affects the whole face for oily skin, and only the T-zone for combination skin (forehead, nose, chin). This type of skin needs dedicated cosmetics with light formulas that moisturize and mattify without aggressing the skin.

If your daily beauty routine has been designed to gently cleanse your face, moisturize it with fluid textures and eliminate shine over the long term, you definitely don't want sunscreen to ruin your efforts... It would even be tempting to do without it: as the sun has a drying effect, in summer you can see the number of imperfections reduce, and your epidermis regain a better quality. But beware of the rebound effect: as soon as the warm weather ends, skin problems will reappear with a vengeance.

Oily skin, like all skin types, needs a sun cream - whatever the product chosen (oil, gel, milk in a tube, pump bottle or spray, organic or not...), it is essential to protect against UVA-UVB rays, which are harmful to health and responsible for skin aging. In addition, oily and acne-prone skin is often marked by small scars and pimples that can leave their mark. Under the action of the sun, these can darken and turn into brown spots - an unsightly hyperpigmentation that can be avoided by applying sunscreen before each exposure.


What sun cream is right for oily skin?

At Polaar, we've developed Fluide Visage Très Haute Protection, a new, easy-to-use sun cream formulated with a maximum of natural ingredients. Its light texture has been designed for oily and acne-prone skin that cannot tolerate overly rich skin care products. It penetrates quickly, leaving no shine or white marks. Its high SPF50+ index guarantees maximum protection against the effects of the sun. For optimum effectiveness, we've combined organic filters that block the sun's rays, with mineral screens of natural origin that reflect UV rays like a mirror.

We have incorporated natural active ingredients into its formula, with proven benefits for blemish-prone skin:

  • Aloe Vera and Coconut extract stimulate cell regeneration. They are ideal for soothing, revitalizing and refreshing damaged skin. They are also excellent sources of moisture.
  • Oat kernel extracts to prevent the signs of aging and promote healing.

This sun protection is formulated without alcohol, paraben and phenoxyethanol to protect your health. It is fragrance-free to suit even the most sensitive skin. Its composition has been validated by the reference site Yuka! Used before each exposure, and reapplied every two hours or after each swim, it provides a luminous, long-lasting tan and maximum sun protection for acne-prone skin.

You're well aware of our commitment to sustainable development and environmental preservation: we've decided to go one step further by creating a biosourced, recyclable plastic tube for this made in France vegan sun cream, to take care of your skin while doing something for the planet!