Caring for dry hands


Frequent hand-washing with soap and water, as well as disinfection with hydroalcoholic gel, can weaken the epidermis: dryness, tightness and sometimes even cracks can appear. How can you look after your hands and keep them soft and supple, while still washing them regularly? That's today's topic: we give you a few tips to avoid dry skin and keep your hands beautifully moisturized.


Hands, a particularly vulnerable area

Hands are particularly exposed to external aggressions: they are subjected to the wind and cold of winter, which dry them out, and to the sun's UV rays, which can lead to the appearance of pigmentation spots. They are also in daily contact with aggressive household products (washing-up liquid, bleach, etc.), which roughen them and can give them that unattractive "crocodile-skin" appearance.

The problem gets worse when you wash your hands regularly to avoid germs and contamination, as in these epidemic times. Repeated use of soap and hydro-alcoholic gel may ensure perfectly clean hands, but it can also make them dry, rough and uncomfortable.

The reason is quite simple: the skin on the hands is particularly thin and fragile, and its natural protection is weak. Unlike the face, for example, this area of the body has few sebaceous glands, so it produces little sebum, the oily substance on the skin's surface that forms a protective film, a real barrier against external aggressions. To keep your hands soft and supple, there are two solutions: protect them, and give them a little extra moisture!

The right gestures to combat dry hands

In everyday life, remember to protect them whenever possible: wear gloves to protect them from the cold in winter, or when using chemicals.

For cleansing, choose mild soaps (the famous "soap-free soaps") with a neutral pH, or superfatted bars enriched with nourishing plant oils: for example, genuine Marseille soap, which contains a high percentage of olive oil. Avoid liquid soaps, which often contain detergent surfactants such as sulfates: these attack the skin's hydrolipidic film, accentuating dryness and tightness.

Once cleaned, dry gently with a towel, without rubbing and without forgetting the area between the fingers, which can easily become chapped.

Hydroalcoholic gels, on the other hand, often contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin: ethanol, the alcohol used in many gels, is drying. It is regularly combined with antimicrobials such as triclosan, which are proven endocrine disruptors. Practical, but not really gentle on the hands, it should only be used when there's no other solution.

The right reflex: moisturizing cream for dry hands

To give skin that's been weakened by repeated washing a helping hand, simply apply a highly nourishing skin care product to provide concentrated hydration.

The skin on the hands has specific needs: it requires an adapted skin care product that moisturizes, repairs and protects in a single step. That's why we've created The Genuine Lapland Cream hand cream (97% ingredients of natural origin), formulated, like the lip balm and face and sensitive areas cream in the same range, with polar active ingredients with exceptional properties: the Arctic Berries. Lingonberry, Blackberry and Arctic Raspberry are harvested in the enchanting scenery of Lapland. To withstand the harsh climatic conditions of the Far North, they are packed with antioxidants. Rich in vitamins A, C and E, we extract them cold, using cryogenics, to preserve their benefits and pass them on to you in this smooth cream with a light fruity fragrance. We've combined them with natural ingredients such as olive oil and shea butter to repair rough, damaged skin.

Thanks to its melting, cocooning texture, this hand cream penetrates quickly, leaving no greasy or sticky sensation. It envelops hands in an invisible, protective glove, nourishing them with infinite softness. It can also be applied to nails, to nourish cuticles and ensure beautiful hands right down to the fingertips!

Like all Polaar creams, it's vegan and Made in France. Its practical 50ml tube format is perfect for carrying in your handbag or on your desk: you can reapply it after each hand wash to keep your skin nourished, supple and comfortable all day long!