Dry skin and acne: how to care for it?

Acne is often attributed to oily skin, which suffers from excess sebum that encourages the appearance of skin imperfections. While it's true that oily skin is more prone to clogged pores and the subsequent appearance of pimples and blackheads, it's perfectly possible to have acne on dry skin. How can you get rid of it while intensely moisturizing your skin? Polaar gives you all the tips you need to care for your dry acne-prone skin. 

Dry skin and acne: what causes them?

Pimples generally proliferate on oily or combination skin, in the forehead-nose-chin area. The cause is excess sebumthis oily substance secreted by the sebaceous glands to protect the skin from bacteria and limit water loss. This overproduction of sebum is often the prerogative of young skin, teenagers and young adults. Hyperseborrhea, as it's known in the jargon, suffocates the skin: without appropriate care, pores become clogged and imperfections (blackheads, redness, pimples and micro-cysts) invade the face. The challenge is to rebalance the skin by reducing shine, and gently moisturize the face with light, fluid skincare products that instantly matify.

Of course, these treatments and gestures are not appropriate for treating dry acne-prone skin, which suffers the full force of the discomfort associated with dry epidermis, and the imperfections that don't usually show up on this type of skin.

Acne on dry skin can occur in adults of any age. It is not linked to an overproduction of sebum, but to other factors that can range from external aggressions (weather conditions, pollution...) to poor lifestyle habits (stress, fatigue, smoking, unbalanced diet...) to cosmetics that are too aggressive or unsuitable for the skin type (such as coarse scrubs or foundations that are too occlusive). Acne can also be caused by a temporary hormonal imbalance, such as during pregnancy or the menopause.

While severe acne may require targeted treatment by a dermatologist, it's generally possible to reduce inflammation by changing your beauty habits. Dry acne-prone skin needs very specific care to meet its needs and regain a clear, even complexion, without neglecting deep moisturizing!

Pamper dry, acne-prone skin with our skin care range Northern Light

It's not always easy to find the right compromise for dry, acne-prone skin. Certain products, such as classic soap, should be avoided at all costs on the face, as they accentuate skin dryness. At every stage of your beauty routine, skin care products should gently cleanse, purify and intensely nourish your lipid-depleted epidermis, soothing tightness and restoring suppleness and comfort. Polaar has risen to the challenge with the range Northern Light !

1. Cleaning

Morning and night Micro Peeling Foam rids the skin of impurities and refines skin texture for a radiant, regenerated face day after day. This product's star ingredient? Siberian Olive and its nutrient-rich orange fruit. Judge for yourself: it contains 108 bioactive substances, vitamins A and E, and above all vitamin C in exceptional proportions, with 30 times more vitamin C than an orange. 

To reinforce its action on complexion radiance, we've added plant-based salicylic acid - the first 100% natural, plant-based salicylic acid formulated by Polaar Research. A gentler ingredient, better tolerated and better assimilated by the skin, for a scrub with maximum effectiveness! Its keratolitic action gently exfoliates and resurfaces the epidermis, day after day, to eliminate acne and skin blemishes. Because pollution and fine particles clog the skin on a daily basis and are often the cause of imperfections, we've integrated an anti-pollution active ingredient that acts like an invisible film on the skin to prevent toxins from penetrating. The airy foamy texture melts into the skin and cleanses with great delicacy. You're sure to love it!

2. Hydration

Your face is perfectly cleansed and ready for day and night care. To reinforce the action of the Micro-Peeling Mousse, apply the Smoothing Cream Northern Lighta skin-perfecting treatment for faces with a tendency to dryness. Its creamy, velvety texture boosts cell renewal for a clear, radiant complexion day after day. Imperfections and fine lines are erased, and blackheads are a thing of the past. Skin is nourished, supple and comfortable!

Polaar skincare products are Vegan, Made in France, and feature natural formulas and plant-based polar active ingredients: our Northern Light cleanser and Smoothing Cream are formulated with 95% and 94% natural ingredients respectively. They contain no parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oil or alcohol to respect even the most sensitive skin. Find out more about our face and body care products for all skin types and our beauty tips in our Diary, so you can look after your skin in all seasons and in all circumstances!

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