Sensitive eyes: which eye care should you use?

Anyone with sensitive eye contours will tell you: finding the right skincare product that moisturizes, illuminates and reduces dark circles without stinging or reddening the eye area is a real headache. Discover our tips for keeping eyes young and radiant when you have sensitive eyes, without sacrificing comfort and effectiveness!

The eye contour, a sensitive and fragile area

With skin five times thinner than the rest of the body, the eye contour area is a fragile zone, easily marked. Facial expressions, repeated blinking, exposure to external aggressors (pollution, UV rays, cold...): the eyes are in the front line when it comes to dehydration, loss of firmness, fine lines and wrinkles. Add to this too-short nights, stress, a less-than-perfect lifestyle, poor blood circulation or lazy lymphatic drainage, and bluish circles or puffiness appear on the lower eyelid, giving you a dull, lifeless look. The eye area is usually the first to show signs of ageing, reflecting fatigue. It's a pity, because it's also the first area that those around you notice and remember!

While make-up - in particular concealer, corrector and foundation - can mask the color of dark circles and brighten the eye area for a day or an evening, it's better to treat the problem in depth with a specific skincare product. To tackle the problems of this particular area, you can't just use your usual day cream: you need a targeted treatment. You've probably already seen the words "Avoid the eye contour area" on your face creams, serums or masks.

Eye contour care products are specifically formulated to meet the needs of the epidermis in this area. It differs from classic creams: textures are lighter and The active ingredients must guarantee good ophthalmic tolerance. Certain ingredients that are too concentrated or too aggressive are avoided to avoid irritating sensitive eyes. We've all had the experience of a cream that, a few seconds after application, triggers a tingling sensation, and the eyes become red and watery... The exact opposite of what we're looking for! The key is to opt for high-tolerance formulas that soothe and relieve congestion while guaranteeing hydration. The Polaar teams have developed a unique, original skincare product that gently treats and moisturizes the eye contour area: Roll-On Icy Magic !


Moisturize and reduce signs of fatigue with Icy Magic Roll-On 

The Icy Magic skincare range has been designed to awaken the eye contour area and smooth skin texture, thanks to the presence of a magical natural active ingredient: Siberian Ginseng.

This plant grows in the undergrowth of the Tundra, in the heart of Arctic landscapes, where cold, wind and snow reign supreme. In these hostile conditions, Siberian Ginseng has developed formidable adaptogenic capacities to ensure its survival. Highly concentrated in nutrients, antioxidants and flavonoids, its root helps the body better resist external aggressions (stress, fatigue, etc.). It is harvested with the utmost respect for the environment, using controlled cultivation methods: it is first hot-macerated, then filtered and clarified to preserve its exceptional properties.

To boost the effectiveness of this treatment, we've combined Siberian Ginseng with tetrapeptides: they have an anti-dark circles and anti-puffiness action, and reduce oxidative stress to preserve the firmness of the eye contour area. Radiance, tone and vitality are guaranteed!

Beautiful eyelashes are essential for enlarged, alert eyes, which is why we've added a cil-booster active ingredient to stimulate lash growth. In just two weeks, lash volume increases by an average of 33%. Doe eyes are yours, without mascara!

Icy Magic Roll-On's ultra-gentle formula has been designed with sensitive eyes in mind: dermatologically tested, it contains no irritating or allergenic ingredients such as alcohol, essential oils, parabens or phenoxyethanol. In keeping with our ethical charter, this skincare product is also vegan and cruelty-free, and its active ingredients are ethically harvested to preserve the Arctic landscape.

The roll-on format makes this care product practical and portable, easy to carry and apply. The bottle delivers just the right amount of product, and the metal ball distributes it evenly over the fixed and mobile eyelids, with a gentle massage to boost microcirculation. It provides an immediate fresh effect, reviving the eyes in a single gesture. Its gel texture is absorbed without feeling greasy or sticky, so you can apply make-up straight away, and its light fragrance entices you to relax and unwind!

After application, dark circles are less marked, their blue/brown coloring fades and you're left with fresh, youthful-looking eyes. We also love its Cil-booster active ingredient, which promotes lash growth (+33% in 15 days), ideal for visibly enlarged eyes.

To complete the action of the Icy Magic Roll-On and give the eye contour area a boost, consider the Eye Defatigating Patches from the same range: applied to the lower eyelid like a mask for 15 minutes, they instantly erase signs of fatigue and give you a rested, fresher look. Use every time the seasons change, when you're jet-lagged, or before an evening out or important event, for a fresh, rested look, just like after a good night's sleep!

And if your whole face is sensitive, consider Neige Eternelle Cream, the perfect complement to your 100% gentle beauty routine.