Sun, wind, pollution, oxidative stress... these are all hazards to which the skin is exposed on a daily basis, resulting in a lack of radiance and hydration. Take preventive action with our selection of skin care products to protect the face and give your complexion a fresh, luminous complexion, whatever the season!


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First sun: how to protect yourself

The first fine days of spring have arrived, and we're all delighted! After months spent in the cold and gloom, we're all keen to spend more time outdoors, to take advantage of the lengthening days and the sun's rays to fill up on vitamin D! But be careful not to overdo the sun exposure: even in spring, the skin remains vulnerable to UV radiation. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy the benefits of the sun while protecting your skin effectively.

Preparing your skin for sun exposure

If you're looking forward to your days in the fresh air and tanning sessions on the beach, you may also be wondering how to prepare your skin for exposure to the sun and take care of it to get through the summer without sunburn, solar allergies, brown spots, dry skin and other joys!