Polar Night Gift Set


Rediscover the revitalizing power of Boreal Algae in this anti-aging night set that brings together the Elixir and the Cream Polar Night. A duo of iconic care products with sensory textures and an addictive fragrance. When you wake up, your features are relaxed, your skin is smooth, plump and visibly regenerated. It is radiant with youth.

Real value of the products : 92€.


This box contains :
The Revitalizing Elixir Polar Night 15ml
The Revitalizing Cream Polar Night 50ml

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  • Best Seller
  • made in France
  • natural care


  • 15 ml + 50 ml
15 ml + 50 ml

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Regenerate your skin while you sleep!


smoothes and brightens


This anti-aging night care duo regenerates, detoxifies and illuminates the skin in depth thanks to the revitalizing properties of Boreal Algae. Night after night, toxins are eliminated, the skin is smoother and recharged with oxygen, radiant with youth. The dry, non-greasy oil texture of the Elixir and the light, airy foam texture of the Cream quickly penetrate the epidermis without leaving a greasy film. Let yourself be transported by their addictive and bewitching fragrance. A real pleasure for the skin and the senses.
The Elixir and the Cream contain 99 and 95% natural ingredients respectively.

The active ingredients

Star asset: Boreal Algae

Stimulate skin microcirculation

eliminate accumulated toxins

repair the aggressions suffered by the skin

The Boreal Seaweed or Rhodimenia Borealia is a boreal seaweed that lives in the depths of the Arctic Ocean, where light is rare. Its super power? Its ability to synthesize a high level of phytomelatonin - the plant version of melatonin - which is responsible for nocturnal cell regeneration. It also helps restore the skin's chronobiology, which is disturbed by the effects of seasonal changes, jet lag and lack of sleep. Rich in beta endorphins and essential nutritional elements, it has decongesting, soothing and revitalizing properties that promote the fundamental mechanisms of nocturnal cell regeneration.

Immortelle Water (Cream)

relaxes and soothes

Sea Fennel and Organic Red Micro-algae (Elixir)


bring suppleness to the skin

protect against dehydration


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Marie aude Veisy (Chamonix, France)

Polar Night Gift Set


I already knew the very pleasant polar cream and I wanted to test the cream/elixir combination. The elixir is too greasy for me and this oily aspect lasts too long

Torri Martir
I'm in love with these products!

My first experience with Polaar was with my monthly Ipsy subscription. I fell in love the first time using them. The light clean scent, the glow and softness it brought to my skin. I knew I needed Polaar in my life as part of my routine. I don't mind ordering from France to the United States but I wish this product was easily available locally. I truly look forward to my skin routine. "53 and glowing"

Mallaury (Valencia, France)

I was already conquered by the cream, but now, with the elixir, I am fulfilled. I find my skin really smoother day after day and my complexion more luminous. The smell is divine. It is for me a real moment of relaxation and pleasure to take care of my skin every evening with these products.

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