The right gestures to moisturise the eye contour

A fragile area par excellence, the eye contour area requires special attention to remain well hydrated. If the eye area is a reflection of the soul, it is also a reflection of our lifestyle and the passage of time: fatigue and lack of sleep lead to theappearance of dark circles, repeated eyelid fluttering eventually gives rise to wrinkles and fine lines, not to mention thebags under the eyes that weigh down the look... Here are a few tips for taking care of your eye area, naturally!

The eye area, a naturally fragile zone

The fragility of the eye area is explained by the thinness of the skin in this area: it is in fact the thinnest area of the face, which makes it de facto more vulnerable to the slightest aggression. It is also poor insebaceous glands, which secrete sebum, the oily substance that protects the skin, as well as in collagen and elastin, both responsible for skin firmness. Add to this the extreme demands of daily life, with some 10,000 eye beats per day, and you have all the elements to show marked signs of ageing and a tired look if you don't take good care of the eye contour area with simple gestures and a good crèto moisturise the skin !

Eye contour: foods that are good for you

Beautiful skin often originates from the plate... and the eye area is no exception to this rule! Fruits and vegetables, rich in anti-oxidants, will slow down skin ageing and delay the appearance of marked wrinkles. Vegetable oils, dried fruits and their essential fatty acids work to keep the skin supple, and of course sufficient water consumption (2L per day minimum) is a prerequisite to ensure good hydration of the body in general, and the skin in particular. If you are prone to puffiness, it's best to limit cold cuts and all foods with a high salt content: these encourage water retention and swelling of the eyelids.

Soothe the eye area with natural solutions ?

If you tend to have puffy eyelids, there is a very good home remedy: tea! This plant is rich in caffeine, a substance that tightens blood vessels and promotes drainage. To benefit from its anti-inflammatory action, place tea bags in the freezer (you can use already brewed tea bags, preferably organic green or black tea), then place them over your closed eyes for a few minutes. The combined action of the cold and theine will boost blood circulation and reduce puffiness, for a more dynamic look!

A very good alternative isCornflower Water ,applied as a compress to the eyes, which hydrates and soothes swollen eyelids naturally. Choose a pure hydrolate, without perfume to limit the risk of skin reaction, and organic if possible to take advantage of all its benefits.

Finally, you can reactivate blood circulation and erase dark circles and puffiness in a natural way by alternating between a glove (or compress) soaked in warm water and a glove soaked in cold water: invigorating and decongesting effect guaranteed!

A little massage?

A 100% natural tip to care for the eye area and combine hydration and decongestion? Massage ! Take a small amount of your usual eye care product and apply it by gently massaging the upper and lower eyelids. With the pad of your index finger, gently tap the skin from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. This will facilitate its penetration, while reviving the skin! To relax your eyes by massaging the contours of your eyes, try the Instant Eye Contour Multi Energiser Here Magic from Polaar, goodbye to traces of fatigue thanks to its draining active ingredients! It delivers just the right amount of cream and helps it penetrate with its massaging ball. Use the roll-on to stimulate the skin, moisturise and revitalise it. Dark circles and puffiness are a thing of the past. Available in a tinted version to combine hydration and make-up in one step! Dare to try the half-care, half-make-up formula: IcyMagicDark Circle Remover tintedThe metallic applicator decongests the eyes while the universal colour reduces dark circles and shadows.

Eye contour care: an essential to choose well

The eye area has very specific characteristics and needs that your standard day cream cannot meet. To moisturize it while respecting its fragility, you need a moisturizer specially formulated to take care of this area. If your main concern is to reduce crow's feet wrinkles, which sit at the corner of the eye and deepen over time, then our Youthful Promise Eye Contour ETERNAL SNOW is for you! This anti-ageing treatment helps to fight fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes. Nunatak Flowers, its main active ingredient, improve the elasticity and suppleness of the skin and natural pigments and micro pearls immediately brighten the eyes.

The new POLAAR MEN range includes a stunning eye contour, with anti-dark circles, anti-puffiness and anti-wrinkle properties: a treatment that will quickly become an essential part of your beauty routine! Icy looks which will quickly become an essential part of your beauty routine!

Like all our face and body products, our eye care products have been tested under dermatological control. They do not contain alcohol, paraben or mineral oil to respect the most sensitive skins, they do not contain perfume for maximum tolerance.