What body moisturizing routine should you adopt?

While moisturizing the face is a beauty routine that many people have adopted on a daily basis, moisturizing the body is more often put aside for lack of time or suitable care products. And yet, nourishing the epidermis with protective and restorative cosmetics is a sine qua non for keeping your skin pretty and comfortable, whatever the season. Follow the guide: Polaar explains how to choose the right moisturizing routine for your body!

Why adopt a body beauty routine?

The skin of the body (like that of the face) is naturally protected by the hydrolipidic film. This cutaneous barrier, made up mainly of sweat and sebum, is present on the skin's surface to protect it and prevent dehydration.

Problems arise when this hydrolipidic film can no longer play its protective role. Because its balance is fragile: attacked, abused by external causes, the sentence is swift: the skin becomes dry, even rough. The skin is indeed exposed to various aggressions on a daily basis:

- In summer, heat, the sun's UV rays and swimming in the sea or chlorinated pool dry out the skin. In winter, weather conditions (cold, wind, snow...) and heating take their toll on exposed areas such as the hands.

- Repeated rubbing of clothing damages the hydrolipidic film, hence the importance of choosing soft, supple and comfortable fabrics.

- Pollution and fine particles infiltrate cells, causing a loss of radiance.

- Bad bathroom habits can damage the quality of your skin: baths that are too long and too hot, the presence of limescale, scouring products, formulations with irritating or allergenic active ingredients...and the epidermis takes the cake!

- Certain medications or hormonal variations (during pregnancy, for example) can trigger or accentuate dry skin.

Skin dryness is often accompanied by varying degrees of discomfort: discomfort, tightness, redness at first, and when the skin becomes too dry, flaking or cracks may appear. This dehydration then becomes unsightly and painful. Heels, elbows and hands are the areas most affected by dehydration, but without appropriate care, the whole body can experience dehydration episodes. 

The ideal moisturizing routine for the body

3 steps, 3 daily habits for healthy, plump skin, even in the most fragile areas.


  • Hydrating your body starts... from the inside! If you haven't got into the habit of drinking at least 1.5L of water a day, it's time to get started. The skin contains 30% water, an essential substance for cell renewal. Well-hydrated, your skin is more beautiful, more supple and more radiant. Drinking water is also an excellent way to drain toxins and keep your figure.


  • Moisturizing your body daily with the right care products should become a reflex. Opt for rich, easily-penetrating products to deeply nourish and gently soothe damaged skin.


  • To free the epidermis of dulling dead cells, perform a gentle exfoliation once or twice a week. On the one hand, you'll help your body regenerate and regain its radiance, and on the other, the moisturizers you apply afterwards will be better assimilated and therefore more effective. 

Which care products for a moisturizing body routine? 

In the bathroom, the choice of moisturizing care products is essential. No longer do you have to choose between effectiveness, ease of use, sensory pleasure and skin-friendly ingredients with our new Moisturizing Body Milk The Genuine Lapland Creamdesigned to delicately nourish your skin. Its formula contains a well-kept secret: the presence of Arctic Berries (raspberries, Blackberries and Arctic Cranberry) an exceptional active ingredient to pamper your skin.

Arctic Berries thrive in the heart of Lapland, in magical landscapes where snow, cold and frost dominate. To survive in these harsh climatic conditions, these small fruits, used since the dawn of time by the inhabitants to protect their skin, have developed incredible properties. Rich in antioxidants, they are also bursting with skin-friendly vitamins A, C and E. The Arctic Berries have the ability to protect skin from drying out and repair damaged epidermis. To reinforce their lipid-replenishing action and provide maximum comfort and softness, we've added shea butter and olive oil.

With its 98% natural ingredients and generous size (200ml), this melting milk has been designed for the whole family. Free from parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils and alcohol, this vegan skincare product is so gentle you can apply it to the fragile skin of babies and children. Its discreet fragrance and cocooning texture will appeal to men and women alike.

To treat very dry areas or the face, use La Cream for Face and Sensitive Areas The Genuine Lapland Cream as a complement. This balm in its little red box is certainly not unfamiliar to you, and for good reason: it's one of the brand's best-sellers, and has proved its worth on the skin of the whole family, even the most sensitive (atopic, reactive skin, skin prone to eczema, darting...).


To complete your body beauty routine, discover Lip Balm and Hand Cream The Genuine Lapland Cream, formulated to care for these delicate areas, particularly exposed to the sun and winter chill.

A complete range of skincare products to be adopted without delay to create a cocooning, effective and pleasant body routine that you won't be able to do without!