What routine should I adopt for my very dry skin?

Dry skin is never very pleasant: this feeling of discomfort and tightness can be annoying on a daily basis. Skin lacking water loses its radiance: duller, less supple, it instantly looks more tired and marks more easily, inconveniences we could do without! Fortunately, there are ways to say no to dry skin and regain healthy-looking skin. Let's take a look at the causes of dehydration, and the daily skin care products you can adopt to replenish your skin's moisture levels and restore its beauty!

Causes and symptoms of very dry, dehydrated skin

Do you know why dry skin can occur? In concrete terms, skin balance is linked to the hydrolipidic film. This natural protective barrier, found on the skin's surface, has the role of limiting water loss and protecting the skin from external aggression. In particular, it contains sebum, the oily secretion produced by the sebaceous glands, which acts as a shield for the skin's superficial layers to conserve moisture. If sebum isn't present in sufficient quantity, if this barrier, for one reason or another, is abused and can no longer play its role, the balance of this protection is threatened. Dryness (called xerosis in the jargon) sets in, as do the unpleasant side effects!

You may naturally have dry skin (just as others may have combination or oily skin), or dehydration may occur (episodically or for longer) as a result of changes in your life or environment. For example, winter temperatures and wind can be harsh on the skin, leading to significant water loss. Pregnancy and its hormonal upheaval can also lead to dehydration. Swimming enthusiasts may find their skin drier due to prolonged contact with water and chlorine. The dry air in your office or home can dry out the surface layer of your skin by absorbing its moisture...as can repeated showers, especially if the water is hard! The examples are numerous, and as you can see, the causes of daily dehydration can be many, as can the resulting discomforts: itching, discomfort, tightness, redness, loss of suppleness and elasticity, the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, roughness, cracking... In the worst cases, painful cracks and chapping can appear... These signs of dehydration are neither aesthetic nor pleasant!

However, skin dryness is not inevitable, and can be reversed by implementing a targeted beauty routine and using repairing face and body care products bursting with nutrients!

The The Genuine Lapland Cream range: beneficial active ingredients for dry skin

Because we know that dry, dehydrated skin needs comfort and a cocooning sensation, we have created a complete range of skin care products to nourish and protect the skin of the whole family with infinite gentleness. The effectiveness of these products is enhanced by a few simple daily gestures: gentle cleansing of the skin, few long baths or showers, and a good water intake (1.5L minimum per day), which will help to significantly reduce skin dryness!

Our skincare The Genuine Lapland Cream are inspired by the beauty secrets of Lappish women, and include an extract of three Arctic berries: raspberry, blackberry and Arctic Cranberry. Constantly subjected to a harsh, hostile climate, these berries are bursting with vitamins A, C and E, which are of particular interest in cosmetics. Vitamin A promotes cell renewal and protects the skin against oxidation and external aggression. Vitamin C, which also has an anti-oxidant action, is perfect for instant radiance: say goodbye to a dull complexion! As for vitamin E, it helps keep skin supple and well-moisturized, fighting facial aging by strengthening the cutaneous barrier.

The combination of these three vitamins provides a real shield against the various sources of dryness encountered in everyday life (sun, wind, snow...).

These three Arctic Berries berries are responsibly grown and hand-harvested in the fairytale scenery of the Far North. As with all Polaar products, we take great care in harvesting and integrating these berries into our products, without impacting the environment or denaturing them. The berries are extracted cold, using cryogenics (-28°C) to ensure that they retain their fantastic nourishing properties and do not oxidize. The creams are then made in France, with particular attention paid to Our active ingredients so precious!

We've integrated these three Arctic Berries products into our The Genuine Lapland Cream range to bring you all their benefits: their richness in antioxidants and vitamins, and their moisturizing properties help repair, protect and nourish the skin in a single step!

An ideal routine for very dry skin

The The Genuine Lapland Cream range includes several face and body treatments for intense hydration and a real moment of cocooning and well-being!

You will find several melting and nourishing products to restore comfort and suppleness to dry skin:

  • Crème Visage et Zones Sensibles is one of our best-sellers: this creamy ointment will protect your epidermis thanks to its rich, enveloping texture. The cream is quickly absorbed, leaving no greasy or sticky feeling. We've combined the three beneficial Arctic Berries with highly moisturizing active ingredients, such as Macadamia oil (softening, nourishing and protective), Shea butter (nourishing and protective) and sweet almond oil (softening and soothing). A magical cocktail to pamper your moisture-starved skin! Polaar Face and Sensitive Zones Cream is available in a 50ml nomad format, or in a large 100ml format, ideal for the whole family! Its small metal case in the colors of Lapland, will slip into your bag to stay within easy reach.

  • Lips are often the first to be affected by cold weather. Fine and fragile, they are overexposed and require very specific care. That's why we've created Polaar Lip Balm, enriched with Shea Butter, to protect and nourish your lips every day, and repair chapped and damaged lips from the very first application. An essential moisturizing concentrate, to be used as often as necessary.

  • Hands are an area of the body particularly prone to dehydration, which is why we have developed La Véritable Crème de Laponie Hand Cream. Arctic raspberries, Arctic Cranberry and Blackberries are combined in this formula with shea butter and nourishing beeswax. Its fine texture wraps your hands in a protective, nourishing mantle to face up to external aggressions, and also nourishes rough cuticles in a single gesture. It penetrates without leaving a sticky sensation, and will quickly become your go-to product for winter... and the rest of the year! Apply morning and night, or whenever you feel the need!

  • The final treatment in our quartet for complete hydration from head to toe: Body Milk, which wraps you in a veil of softness. It is enriched with Shea butter for maximum hydration, and is absorbed without stickiness.

The The Genuine Lapland Cream range has been designed to meet the needs of dry, dehydrated skin, and to make up for the lack of water that can be a source of discomfort. These cosmetics are therefore suitable for everyone (men and women), and for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Dermatologically tested, they can be used daily by the whole family, young and old alike!

These Polaar face and body products are also popular with athletes, whose skin can be put to the test during physical activity (chlorine-induced tightness for swimmers, skin attacked by sub-zero temperatures for skiers, or by rain, wind and sun for outdoor sportsmen and women).

As you can imagine, we all suffer from dehydrated skin at one time or another, and the discomfort that often goes with it. However, it is possible to say no to dehydration by adopting targeted skin care products, such as those offered in our The Genuine Lapland Cream range. Highly nourishing, applied morning and night, they help prevent dehydration and repair affected areas (face, body, hands, lips, etc.) in a single step.

You now have all the tools you need to take care of your dry skin and restore its suppleness, comfort and radiance, whatever the season!