Facial beauty: what natural solutions are there for reducing nasolabial fold wrinkles?

Crow's feet, frown lines, forehead wrinkles, mouth contours... these furrows appear inexorably with the passage of time, and are more or less pronounced depending on the face. The nasolabial fold, which runs from the bridge of the nose down to the corner of the lips, is certainly one of the most embarrassing signs of ageing: particularly visible, it gives you a tired, sad, even austere look, weighing down your face and not at all reflecting your state of mind!

However, it is possible to prevent the appearance of nasolabial folds and reduce their depth by adopting targeted care and gestures from your thirties onwards. Here's how!

Where does the nasolabial fold come from?

It's part of the expression wrinkles that show up in the rhythm of our emotions, and end up taking a lasting hold over the years. It's our smiles that first mark this furrow, which runs from the wings of the nose to the outer corners of the mouth. Over time, malar fat, which is found in the cheeks and gives them that plump appearance, naturally diminishes. At the same time, the production of collagen and elastin, responsible for skin firmness, also diminishes. As a result, the skin is less supported, forming an unsightly crease that marks the face, even at rest when it's expressionless.

While aesthetic medicine can improve the appearance of the nasolabial fold (treatment with fillers or hyaluronic acid injections, tensor threads, lasers or facelifts...), these techniques can be costly, restrictive and produce variable results. But there's no need to go to such extremes to reduce this undesirable mark: there are natural cosmetic and lifestyle solutions to help you fight skin ageing at home!

How to prevent and reduce nasolabial fold?

From the age of 30 onwards, it's advisable to adopt an anti-aging face cream to boost collagen production and skin tissue, and thus slow the appearance of that famous nasolabial fold and other expression lines. We have developed the Neige Eternellefor your daytime beauty routine, and NUIT POLAIRE, for your night-time routine, to fight the signs of aging and keep skin firm despite the passage of time!

Neige Eternelle anti-aging cream, eye contour cream and serum are formulated with a unique Arctic active ingredient: Nunatak Flowers. These flowers are among the rare plants to have survived the last ice age thanks to their formidable adaptogenic capacities. To withstand these devastating climatic conditions, they took refuge beneath the snowy peaks, beyond the eternal snows, and gorged themselves with antioxidants. This high concentration of antioxidants and their incredible ability to reconstitute and restructure dermal stem cells are passed on to you in Eternal Snow Youth Cream and Serum. Neige Eternelle Youth Cream and Serum. Apply the serum to a clean face every morning: its easy-to-use pipette dispenser and micro-emulsion texture penetrate instantly to leave skin moisturized and supple. Reinforce its regenerating power by applying the Neige Eternelle anti-aging cream a concentrate of softness thanks to its unique snow texture, which melts as soon as you apply it. Your face is velvety-smooth, visibly firmer and healthier!

Before going to bed, pass the baton to the Polar Night. They contain an Arctic algae, Rhodimenia Borealia, which synthesizes high levels of phytomelatonin, responsible for cell renewal. The result? It works while you sleep to stimulate skin microcirculation, drain toxins, decongest and revitalize tired skin. We've combined it with a natural active ingredient much appreciated by devitalized skin: Eau d'Immortelle. Rich in beta endorphins and nutritional elements, it is unrivalled in its ability to relax stressed, moisture-depleted skin that marks easily.

Apply a duo of Revitalizing Elixir and Polar Night Revitalizing Cream for a fresh, youthful face in the morning, and the mask from the same range, once or twice a week, to reinforce the effectiveness of these two extraordinary skin care products.

Good to know: a fourth product, the Moisturizing Body Milkcompletes the range for long-lasting hydration of dry skin! And if the "natural" side of things is important to you, you've come to the right place: our skincare products are vegan, cruetly-free and every precious active ingredient is harvested according to a strict environmental charter.

Nasolabial fold: which anti-wrinkle massage for the face?

Choosing products with anti-ageing active ingredients is the first step to reducing wrinkles in the nasolabial fold. But did you know that you can also influence its appearance by performing an anti-wrinkle massage when applying your facial product? Indeed, the way you apply your creams can have an impact on the quality of your epidermis. Give your skin five minutes of relaxation and reassurance every day to restore its youthful appearance!

As a general rule, you should always apply your skincare product - whatever it is - from the bottom up: start at the chin and work your way up to the cheekbones, then move towards the nostrils and temples. But there are also more specific gestures designed to smooth the nasolabial folds. If you use these techniques on a daily basis, you'll soon appreciate the results: you'll have a facelift effect at home!

Massage perpendicular to the wrinkle

Place two fingers on either side of the nasolabial fold (first the left, then the right) to hold the skin, and with the index finger of your other hand, placed flat, make movements perpendicular to the fold. Rubbing should be vigorous and fairly fast, from top to bottom and then from bottom to top, as if you were sanding the skin with your finger, to relax and smooth the epidermis. Continue rubbing until the product is fully absorbed.

Mini cheek lift

Hold your mouth with one hand, and with the other, smooth the nasolabial fold: place your fingers flat against it and pull the skin outwards, upwards towards the cheekbones, as if performing a facelift. This gesture stimulates skin elasticity and relaxes cheek muscles, for a real reduction in wrinkles.

Pinch massage

You can also adopt the pinch massage technique to help your cream penetrate the skin. Two gestures to adopt alternately or one after the other:

  • You can make small, quick pinches on the nasolabial fold to tighten the skin, starting from the corner of the lips and moving up towards the nostrils.

  • Or place your index fingers on the top of the nasolabial fold, towards the nose on either side, and pinch the skin with your thumbs, pulling it upwards, like a bulge you want to pull towards your nostrils.

With the right treatments and smoothing massages, you now have all you need to reduce nasolabial folds naturally!

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