Facial imperfections 12 tips to get rid of them

Combination, oily or problem skins often have trouble getting rid ofacne, shine and blackheads in the long term. However, by adopting new beauty habits on a daily basis, you can easily reduce and erase these little skin blemishes. Here are 12 tips and tricks to help you fight blemishes and regain beautiful, healthy, clear skin.

Eliminating skin imperfections: the right daily gestures

Adopt a balanced diet

We've certainly told you time and time again: beautiful skin starts with your plate. Limit fatty, sugary foods and industrial preparations, and go for fruits, vegetables and oilseeds, which are far more beneficial to the beauty of your skin than chocolate and cold meats!

Always keep your hands clean...

We don't necessarily realize it, but we bring our hands up to our face hundreds of times a day, usually by reflex. Avoid touching your face, or make sure your hands are always perfectly clean!

As well as all objects in contact with your skin

Towels, pillowcases, phone are all objects that come into contact with our skin for varying lengths of time each day, and can cause or accentuate blemishes. Don't hesitate to wash them regularly to reduce the risk of pimples.

Don't mess with pimples and blackheads

It's an obvious piece of advice... but a tempting one to ignore! The risk? Causing inflammation which, instead of solving the problem, makes it worse. Or how to turn a small, discreet pimple into a huge red one! If you want to remove a blackhead properly, use a disinfected blackhead remover.

A tip to avoid pimples on the forehead

Not always clean hair sweeping across your forehead, a hat creating friction or perspiration... Pimples on the forehead don't need much more to appear, all the more so if you have oily or combination skin to begin with. Just try to limit friction as much as possible!

Face mapping method

You've tried everything to get rid of pimples on your chin, but nothing works? What about face mapping? This Asian technique associates each area of the face with an organ. The chin, for example, is linked to the stomach. An unbalanced diet or digestive problems could be at the root of these skin blemishes. It's a great way to get rid of imperfections!

Magic skincare to say goodbye to acne and blackheads

Cleanse your skin morning and night

Deep cleansing your skin twice a day is probably THE first beauty step to beautiful skin. Whether you have combination, oily or dry skin, or whether you use a micellar water, lotion or cleansing gel, cleansing helps rid skin cells of all traces of pollution, dust or make-up that accumulate over the hours and can clog your epidermis.

Micro-Peeling Mousse Eclat Boréal, withSiberian Olive and plantsalicylic acid, is the perfect product to free up your complexion and restore radiance while refining skin texture, day after day! In the evening, double-cleanse your skin by first removing make-up with Baume Démaquillant Pureté Arctique. It's gentle on the skin but incredibly effective on all types of make-up, even long-lasting!

Adopt an anti-blemish skincare routine

If your skin is prone to shine, micro-cysts or redness, it needs light creams that moisturize without weighing it down, and without exacerbating sebum production. Our Moisturizing Gelée Ice Source is ideal for combination to oily skin: its ultra-light texture is absorbed in a single step. This moisturizing care product works on all levels: it provides the skin with water on the surface and deep down, while matifying thanks to the presence of absorbent powders in its formula. And best of all, it's an excellent make-up base.

If you need extra comfort, in winter for example, Eclat Boréal Smoothing Cream will hydrate your skin for a long time, revive its radiance and smooth skin texture, imperfections, wrinkles and fine lines, while protecting it from pollution thanks to its shielding active ingredient!

Its smooth apricot cream texture with a non-greasy finish leaves a velvety veil on the skin, enveloping the senses in a soft, vitamin-rich fragrance.

Use a targeted care product

If redness and blackheads are concentrated on a specific area of your face, such as the chin or sides of the nose, there's no need to treat the whole face. Anti-Imperfection Solution Eclat Boréal Serum is perfect for getting rid of localized pimples. Its dosing pipette dispenses just the right amount of product, so you can apply it very precisely, directly to imperfections for targeted action.

Choose non-comedogenic makeup

Camouflaging imperfections with a full-coverage foundation, followed by a veil of powder, is a highly effective way of concealing redness and pimples. Be careful, however, as you risk entering a vicious circle: products that are too occlusive will prevent the skin from breathing, clogging pores and encouraging theappearance of new imperfections. Choose light make-up, adapted to your skin type and labelled "non-comedogenic".

Test the mattifying sheets

Rather than pulling out a brush and make-up during the day to tame shine, think mattifying sheets! Easy to carry, they act like a blotting paper and absorbexcess sebum in a single gesture, without clogging pores.

Choose natural active ingredients with proven efficacy

There is a plethora of products available to care for blemished or problem skin - and not all of them are equal. At Polaar, we prefer Arctic active ingredients of natural origin, which are more effective and often better tolerated by sensitive or fragile skin. For our range of products dedicated to acne-prone skin, we have opted forSiberian Olive and its 108 bio-active elements, as well as the first naturally-derived salicylic acid. Carefully sourced, these active ingredients will be your best allies in taming stubborn skin that tends to shine and become covered in pimples and blackheads. Discover these products today!

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