Dilated pores: causes and solutions

A frequent phenomenon, the dilated pores can affect all skin types, not just combination or oily skin. And while these visible "holes" are an aesthetic problem, they also lead to skin inflammation and the appearance ofblemishes. Let's take a look at their causes and the solutions available to improve the appearance of the skin.

Dilated pores: what causes them?

To better understand what causes pore dilationLet's go back to the basics! Pores are those tiny holes on the surface of the skin: their job is to let the skin breathe by evacuating sweat and sebum. Although they are microscopic and almost invisible in theory, it is very common for pores to enlarge, with all the aesthetic inconveniences that this entails.

Dilated pores can occur on all skin types, but they are more frequent on combination or oily skin. They can be seen on the T-zone (forehead-nose-chin) but also on the cheeks. What causes them? They are varied and are linked to both bad habits and physiological phenomena.

These include excess sebumThis will cause the pores to widen in order to release the oil. If the sebaceous glandsIf the sebaceous glands, the source of the sebum, go into overdrive, the pores, overwhelmed by this overproduction, will tend to become clogged and give rise to blackheads, microcysts or full-blown acne attacks. The end of summer is a time for large, clogged pores. If the sun has had a drying effect on imperfections, your face has experienced it as an aggression. As soon as the school year starts, the rebound effect appears: your skin produces even more sebum to protect itself, with the consequences you know about on the appearance of pores! To find out more, don't hesitate to read our article on avoiding blemishes after sun exposure.

A beauty routine A botched or unsuitable beauty routine will also encourage the enlargement of pores: a foundation that is too covering and prevents the skin of the face from breathing, rushed make-up removal, unsuitable skincare that exacerbates the sebum production or which on the contrary dry out the skin should be avoided at all costs, otherwise the sentence will fall.

As always, our bad habits in our daily lives have consequences for our skin. A diet unbalanced diet, too short a night, stress are all factors that affect the quality of the skin. Dull complexion, redness, acne, visible pores... Part of the solution often lies in our lifestyle!

Finally, as we age, our pores tend to become larger. The reason is simple: the sebaceous glands continue to produce sebum, but the skin loses its suppleness and elasticity. Mature skin is therefore a prime target for large pores.

Apart from the aesthetic aspect - these small, more or less visible holes are not always easy to conceal - dilated pores are often the cause ofimperfections. Pores that are wide open are more likely to trap dust, pollution particles and make-up and all the impurities that surround us. You can guess what happens next: as these fine particles penetrate the epidermis, they can cause blackheads and inflammation, which will result in pimples.

However, there is no such thing as fatality: it is often enough to adjust your beauty routine and adopt new good habits to stop the problem and regain an even skin tone and and a refined skin texture. You ask which facial care to reduce the appearance ofappearance of pores ? We explain it all to you!

What products should I use to treat large pores?

The goal of your beauty routine? Deeply cleanse, moisturize and matify without encouraging excess sebum. By adopting the right gestures, you will quickly find a beautiful skin without blemishes.

Cleansing is a vital step every morning and evening, whatever your skin type. Our BNORTHERN LIGHT Micro-Peeling Foam is a great ally to perfectly clean the face and and unclogging every pore of the skin.

This exfoliating care contains salicylic acid of plant origin which will remove dead cells that dull the complexion. Its high content of vitamins A, C and E - thanks toSiberian Olive, its second main active ingredient - will bring radiance and regenerate the skin. Apply the Micro-Peeling Foam morning and evening on dry, make-up-free skin, using small circles to distribute it evenly, leave on for a few moments and then rinse off. Its delicate citrus fragrance and ultra-melting foam texture make it very pleasant to use.

To act in a localized way on imperfections of any kind (pimples, blackheads, dilated pores...), trust the Anti-Imperfection Solution NORTHERN LIGHT. Siberian Olive Grapefruit extract and Seaweed combine to matify the skin. Their sebum-regulating action will tighten the poresTheir sebum-regulating action will help to tighten pores, reduce sebum production, and diminish scars. The advantage of this product? It is equipped with a measuring pipette that allows it to be applied with precision, only to the areas concerned. It is in fact a practical and economical product!

MoisturiseYes, but without weighing it down. It's hard to find a suitable skin care product when you have oily or blemished skin: many creams Many creams are too rich, and bring too much oil to your skin that doesn't really need it. Or they are too light, and give you the impression that your skin is tight and lacks moisture. If, in addition, the composition of your cream is important and you want to favour natural formulas, the problem becomes even more complex! We have the solution with NORTHERN LIGHT Smoothing Fluid and its 93% natural ingredients, specially created for combination to oily skin.

The big plus of this treatment, compared to a classic moisturiser? The Smoothing Fluid contains an anti-pollution active ingredient: like an invisible filter, it forms a barrier on the skin to prevent impurities from penetrating the epidermis. Your face is protected from external aggressions, day after day, you have a new skin!