Iconic Day & Night Cracker


Abysses of polar oceans, peaks beyond eternal snows.... Journey into the enchanting world of Polaar's iconic face care products!

Concentrated in natural active ingredients from the polar world, this anti-aging duo for day and night regenerates and revitalizes for radiant, youthful skin.

Airy, melt-in-the-mouth textures, addictive fragrances... a pleasure for the skin and the senses, to give or to treat yourself. Ideal for discovering or rediscovering these iconic skincare products!

This cracker contains :
Youthful Promise Cream Eternal Snow 20 ml
Polar Night Revitalizing Cream 20 ml FREE

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  • made in France
  • natural
  • vegan


  • 20 ml + 20 ml
20 ml + 20 ml

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Regenerate and preserve your skin's youthfulness!


smooth and plump


for all skin types, even sensitive

This anti-aging skin care routine for day and night is the quintessence of Polaar expertise, for skin that glows with youthful radiance.
For daytime: Youthful Promise Cream Eternal Snow concentrates the antioxidant power of Arctic Flowers to preserve the skin's beauty. Wrinkles and fine lines are reduced, skin is firmer. Its unique snow texture melts into the skin on application for an immediate plumping effect. 95% ingredients of natural origin. For the night: the revitalizing power of Boreal Algae is infused into Polar Night Cream to detoxify, smooth and regenerate skin while you sleep. Baby-soft skin in the morning! Its airy mousse texture with a matte finish and bewitching fragrance will leave you breathless... 95% ingredients of natural origin.

The active ingredients

Star asset: Nunatak Flowers or Arctic Flowers (Youthful Promise Cream Eternal Snow )

improve skin elasticity and firmness

boost cell regeneration

reduce fine lines and wrinkles

In the icy peaks of the eternal snows, where vegetation is scarce, live Arctic plants with incredible antioxidant properties: Nunatak Flowers. By developing their own defense system to cope with intense cold and drought, they have survived the last ice age thanks to their formidable adaptogenic capacities. Polaar expertise: To preserve this rare and precious flower, Polaar reproduces its plant stem cells in a laboratory in France to recreate its highly resistant active properties. Their cells are capable of reconstituting and rebuilding dermal stem cells.

Boreal Algae (Polar Night Revitalizing Cream)

stimulate cutaneous microcirculation

eliminate accumulated toxins

repair damage to the skin


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Christelle Julisson (Paris, France)
Excellent product

Texture, fragrance and efficacy
I like Polaar

Françoise PONNELLE (Veyre-Monton, France)
TOP cream

I love the texture, the light fragrance, the softness.
I highly recommend

Nathalie Bolbach (Paris, France)
Very pleasant

The iconic Christmas cracker day and night is really nice. The texture of the creams is just right and the skin is moisturized and softer. Really satisfied.

Michèle Roussin (Perpignan, France)


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