Christmas gifts: our gift ideas for all budgets

As the holiday season approaches, we all ask ourselves the same question: what gift will please our loved ones the most?

Whether you are looking to spoil a man, a woman, a sister or a friend, beauty boxes are a sure way to please! They bring softness and comfort in this cold period!

Discover our selection of Polaar Christmas Boxessuitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive!

The face care boxes Polar Night : a call to travel for the senses

Our range Polar Night, formulated with d'Boreal Algaehas been designed to regenerate, smooth and decongest the skin while you sleep. Its richness in phytomelatonin (the plant version of melatonin), boosts the natural process of cell regeneration during the night.

Perhaps you will be tempted by our Christmas gift set Polar Night ? This set combines the two iconic products of the range: the Elixir and the Revitalizing Cream Polar Night. This serum and cream duo, with its sensorial textures and addictive fragrance, leaves your skin smooth, plump and visibly regenerated from the very first application. A pleasure for the skin and the senses.

The Genuine Lapland Cream An ode to the Arctic

This cocooning skin care line was designed to nourish dry and sensitive skin for the whole family. Inspired by the ancestral beauty rituals of Lappish women, it repairs and protects skin damaged by wind, cold, sun and dryness, and also helps restore the balance of the skin's hydrolipidic film. It contains the 3 arctic Berries (raspberry, bilberry, blackberry) grown and harvested by a Finnish producer, which act in synergy to nourish, repair and protect the skin of the whole family. With its smooth, non-greasy texture and delicate citrus, lightly woody and spicy fragrance, offering the The Genuine Lapland Cream range is sure to please!

For Christmas, let yourself be tempted by the Lapland Christmas Gift Set which brings together the 3 essentials of the range: Cream for Face and Sensitive Areas, Hand Cream and Lip Balm in a sales format. A complete all-in-one set to pamper all skin types in search of comfort.

And for the festive side, to offer as a Secret Santa, to decorate the center of the table or the bottom of the plates, the Lapland Christmas Cracker is perfect! It contains the same iconic care products with melting textures that are particularly appreciated by dry and sensitive skin.

To put under the Christmas tree, discover also our Lapland Hand and Lip Duo KitThe Lapland Hand and Lip Duo Kit is composed of two nourishing, repairing and protective products for the hands and lips.

The essentials: for him, and for the whole family!

If you're still hesitating, we've also designed kits containing Polaar essentials!

This is the case for example of My Beauty Essentials Discovery Kit which contains a complete beauty routine in a travel size, to take with you everywhere! A great way to discover or rediscover the effectiveness and sensoriality of our natural care products with active ingredients from the polar world. This kit contains 5 of our essential care products: Moisturizing Cream Ice Source, Youthful Promise Cream Eternal Snow , Revitalizing Cream Polar Night, Lapland Hand Cream and Lapland Lip Balm.

More playful, find also our Les Essentiels Gift Box which will find its place among the packages. Composed of 3 natural face and lip care products (Youthful Promise Cream Eternal Snow , Revitalizing Cream Polar Night and Lapland Lip Balm), it is a nice opportunity to give pleasure.

For the gentleman, we have concocted a Polaar Men Christmas Gift SetThis is the perfect gift for men's skin care! It contains a duo of face care and cleanser: the Crème de l'Extrême - a moisturizing and soothing care with a matte finish - and the Scandinavian Shower Gel for face, body and hair. Their fresh, woody and spicy fragrance will offer all the daily adventurers an escape into the polar world.