Dry, sensitive skin: how to cope with the cold?

Dry, sensitive skin has several characteristics: it lacks comfort and suppleness, is dehydrated, prone to tightness and reacts to the slightest external aggression. The phenomenon is exacerbated in winter, when temperatures plummet and unfavorable weather conditions (wind, snow...) get in the way. So how do you cope with the cold when your skin tends to be dry and sensitive? Polaar tells you all about the beauty routine you need to adopt to keep your skin beautifully moisturized, even at -2°C!

Cold, the enemy of dry, sensitive skin

It's a fact: in winter, the skin suffers the full force of temperature variations between indoors and outdoors. The areas most affected are those that are naturally most exposed to the cold weather: the face, lips and hands.

Faced with sub-zero temperatures, cold and snow, the hydrolipidic film, a natural barrier on the skin's surface, struggles to play its protective role, and water loss increases . The face is less plump and luminous. The phenomenon takes on even greater proportions if you already have dry, sensitive skin: without appropriate care, the epidermis shows the signs of ageing (wrinkles and fine lines) sooner, feels tight, and in the worst case, flakes and chapping can appear. Sensitive skin is generally reactive: at the slightest disturbance, the face is invaded by redness, burning or itching. In your facial care products, many ingredients such as soap, alcohol and certain essential oils should be avoided at all costs! You need creams that moisturize deeply, while respecting the sensitivity of your dry skin.

To avoid the little inconveniences of winter, you need to adapt your beauty routine as soon as the first frosts set in, and turn to nourishing, protective skincare products that comfort skin lacking in moisture.

Your winter beauty routine: care for dry skin

After cleansing your skin of impurities with a gentle cleanser like Extra Rich Soap After cleansing your skin of impurities with a gentle cleanser like The Genuine Lapland Cream, it's time to moisturize with a smart, multi-functional product that will be with you all winter long: Face and Sensitive Areas Cream. Perfect for use on the face or rough areas of the body (heels, elbows, knees...), it's one of our bestsellers, and for good reason: this multi-functional SOS balm moisturizes, protects and repairs all skin types thanks to its magical active ingredients!

It contains Arctic Berries (raspberries, Arctic Cranberry and cloudberries), which thrive in the Far North, despite the harsh climatic conditions. To adapt to their hostile environment, these berries have gorged themselves on vitamins A, C and E . Their antioxidant, protective and nourishing properties make them an ideal ingredient for keeping skin beautiful and comfortable in winter. To reinforce the moisturizing power of this exceptional skin care product, we've combined two magical plant oils: Macadamia Oil, rich in fatty acids, which repairs damaged skin, and Sweet Almond Oil. The latter soothes itching and redness, softens the epidermis, restoring suppleness and radiance, and is unrivalled in its ability to repair damaged skin (chapped, cracked...). The final key ingredient in our ultra-moisturizing formula is Shea Butter, with its nourishing and protective properties.

The result? A care product with a 100% cocooning balm texture, formulated with 95% natural ingredients. So gentle and skin-friendly, it's suitable for all members of the family: men, women and even children! Available in 50 ml or 100 ml for intensive or family use. Good to know: for fans of fluid textures, discover Lait Hydratant pour le corps.

A mask to intensely moisturize dry skin

To boost your skin's hydration and replenish it with water, try the "mask" reflex!

Thirsty skin will thank the Ultra Moisturizing Mask Ice Source. Quite simply, this skincare product contains the purest glacier water in the world, which has survived the ages untouched by pollution. Harvested off the coast of Canada, it comes from sections of icebergs that have already been uncoupled and allowed to melt. Thanks to our unique liposome encapsulation process, this original water better penetrates the epidermis and spreads its moisturizing power for 24 hours. High-molecular-weight hyaluronic acid binds water in the skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles and signs of aging. Finally, Thalassiossira Antartica, a micro-algae rich in essential fatty acids, restores the hydrolipidic film, soothes, moisturizes and protects against the cold. With its addictive fragrance and creamy, comforting texture, this mask is a real hydration booster for dry, sensitive skin. It can be applied once or twice a week to infuse the skin with water, or as a treatment, for example in the depths of winter to to combat skin dryness and bring suppleness and comfort to your skin. You can even leave it on overnight, for a plump, fresh face in the morning.

To complete your moisturizing routine in winter, remember also to take care of fragile areas of the face and body, such as the eye contour, hands or lips. Easy to slip into a handbag and apply throughout the day, The Genuine Lapland Cream Hand Cream and Lip Balm are ideal for dry areas! And for an extra touch of color on your lips, Baume Lèvres Laponie is now available in a tinted version.

Polaar's skin care ranges include products adapted to every skin type (combination, dry, sensitive, showing the first signs of ageing...) and to the specific needs of every man or woman. So you can get through the winter in style, without suffering the discomforts of the cold!